Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Favorites!


Hard to believe how fast this month went by! I had a really good month, what with Gem Show and seeing cousins and SNOW! We had a blizzard, in Tucson AZ! So hard to believe, right? It wasn't really a blizzard, but since it never snows, a lot of snow is the closest we'll ever have here!

So here's my favs of the month!

CoverGirl's Lipstick in Hot Passion
OMG, this color is awesome! And it doesn't smear, like at ALL! I have the exact shade from Wet n Wild, and it smears like crazy! Big thanks to Ingrid for the advice, it's totally worth paying $7!
Hair Care
Tresemme Keratin Smooth Serum
This helps my damaged hair look shiny and smooth, no matter what! I love it, though it smells like chemicals... ><
My Rocking Horse Necklace!
I got this at the Gem Show for $1. Seriously! I'm obsessed with it, and I don't have to worry about allergies or anything because it's nickle free! What a score, and it's just so cute! Didn't think I'd be in love with it like I am!
Michelle Phan got me obsessed with yet another song! "How to be a Heartbreaker" by Marina and The Diamonds (yes, "the" is supposed to be capitalized), was the inspiration for one of her videos, and I love the look and the song!
This is the, what, tenth? Book in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole book series. It's a little young for me (of course), but I loved the movie, and just had to read the books. This is actually the start of the second series in the novels, but you do have to read the 9 novels before it, or you won't get what's going on.
TV Show
Yes, I just can't stay away from kids stuff this month. But in my defense 1) I grew up loving the first movie and 2) when my writing is super depressing and dark, like the last chapter, I need something goofy and silly and not dark at all to balance it out. And they're just super funny.
This blog was how I found out about "Tell a Fairytale Day", because they had a super cute blog about it. I just really enjoy them finding all sorts of amusing or awesome blogs on here to read! Follow Disney on Facebook, and you'll see each blog every day!
Remember on MySpace, the bulletin board that was on your page, where you could add your own photos, or go through millions of pics to add on there? Yeah, this is that, but to a whole other level! I hadn't joined until now because I knew I'd become addicted, and indeed I have! So has LA Knight, and the last time we edited, we ended up on pinterest for 2-3 hours!
To This Day by Shane Koyczan
This vid is AMAZING! Prepare yourself for tears, because this vid is just so sad and so accurate. It's about bullying, and what is really going on. Best thing about bullying EVER!
Random Thing
To quote Ingrid: "SCHNOW!!!"
Yes, I've blogged and tweeted and message and talked about this A LOT, but I can't hlep it! It snowed like, 4 inches or more out here more than once! I didn't want it to stop! But sadly it did!
And, of course, The Gem Show!
This was the first day, with my girls and my cousins! And I went again with Danielle (she's the one crouching down on the left) and the aunts, and had a blast! It was so fun! Can't wait till next year!
That's my favs of the month! Hope yours was as fun!

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  1. That is a really vibrant shade of lipstick, but you know – I think you could pull it off. Hot Passion? Good name. And it really looks lush, too. Color-lasting too!

    Your rocking horse necklace is so pretty. I love it. It’s very vintage, too.

    I’m glad that serum stuff is helping your hair. =) Sucks that it smells like chemicals, tho. =( And keratin! That’s the word I was looking for when we were talking about…I can’t remember what exactly. Your nails, I think. It’s the stuff nails and hair are made of.

    “How to Be a Heartbreaker,” huh? Is it on Spotify?

    One day I’ll read book 1 of The Guardians of Ga’Hoole. That’s such a neat word, “Ga’Hoole.” The movie was beautiful; beautiful graphics.

    I just had a total blond moment – I tried to spell “graphics” as “graffics.”

    The art for that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pic looks different…are they revamping the show? It looks a bit CGI-ish. I’m just curious. And now that I’m older and I have this maternal “sigh, boys will be boys, sigh” thing going on when I watch TMNT, I actually like it. Is the 2nd movie really that bad?

    Oh, yeah! You mentioned Disney’s blog.

    Pinterest is of the devil. Just like Myspace, Facebook, and whoopee pies. They all make me ignore my responsibilities and get fat, sigh. But the photos are gorgeous.

    I want to download To This Day – do you think the guy would mind? Or should I just ask him?

    Snow on cacti is unnatural…but so flipping cool!

    I don’t look sick in that picture. Amazing. And you look so pretty!