Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Week Pics ~10/27 - 11/2~

Hey Guys!

I've been on a roll with these posts, yay! *Knocks on wood* Now to stay on top of it!

Anywho, so Thursday was Halloween! As I've said, it's my fav holiday with Christmas right behind. So of course me and my girls celebrated it by dressing up then watching some movies! I also have some other pics as well!

Here's the awesome boots I got for about $16 at Ross! I'm super happy because my old black boots fell to pieces on me this past February when I really needed them. So I def needed something, and I really wanted some moto boots. Just what I was looking for, and for a totally great price!
On the same trip where I picked the boots up, I picked up this little guy, Mummy Sock Monkey (yes, that is his name. Kinda a let down for a Beanie Baby, don't cha think?). I wore him from my wrist Halloween night, and he's staying in my personal Halloween decorations, along with my Tiny Beanie Baby bear in a ghost costume :)
Tried out my halloween look, and suffeciently spooked out my cats! They seriously ran away from me! >:D
Look who saw my comment on her video! Lindsey Stirling recorded a new version of John Legend's All of Me, with the man himself! It's really, really well done, so you should check it here:
When I picked this sweater dress, I immediately shrank it by not drying it properly, but I washed it again, pulled on it, hung it up to dry, and it went back to normal! And don't mind how bad I look, this is try number 4 or 5 to get this pic, so I was frazzled at this point.
The beginning of the Halloween pics! I did mine, Megan's and Ray's makeup. I'm putting some scales on Ray since she was the same type of elf as Prince Zhenjin from her Hellboy 2 Fanfic, Once Upon a Time

The three of us when we were finished! I looked a little creepy, smiling with those stitches...
Ray as a Fae! Look at those scales! And her hair's down, yay!

Megan as a Dead Bridesmaid. She looks suffiently creepy and pale!

And me as the creepy, stitching doll! I didn't scare any kids, but I felt the part, especially when I turned my head and went "Mama?" I gave chills to my friends and brother >:D
We ate too much candy some of which was sugar-free, handed out sugary treats to cute or spooky kiddos, watched lots of movies and just had a blast! Totally love this holiday!
This just happened today. In 3 or 4 days, 265 have pinned this and 51 have liked it! OMG, that's a LOT! Actually, I just checked it again, and it's 285 pins and 57 likes! WHOA!
You can see the rest of my boards and pics here, some of them are for LA Knight, and some for my own writing!

So that's been my week! How was your Halloween? Spooky, scary, or just plain fun?

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  1. Dressing up and movies! A great way to spend any night with my lovelies! My lovely, lovely, girls. =) Okay, that makes me sound a touch creepy.

    Those boots are awesome! And it’s nice that they were cheap.

    And your mummy sock monkey is totes adorable, btw!
    Although your ghost bear is adorable too. He’s SO CUTE!
    But so is Mummy Sock Monkey.
    We need to come up with a better name for him. Like Bandages or something.

    Lol, the cats run away. And when you said, “Mama,” you even freaked me out! Lol.

    Oh, I’ve heard her do “All of Me!” I have no idea who that guy is, at all, anyway.

    You don’t look bad in the picture of you in your brown sweater-dress. It’s a pretty dress, too.

    The scales looked good. Thank you for doing them. I know you had to do them by hand instead of with the fishnet things. I’m sorry. But thank you! And your pigtail in the pic of you doing my makeup is so cute and pigtail-y, lol.

    You look creepy in a good way, but for the most part, my face looks fat. Stupid camera. But you look cute and creepy! And the orange monkey looks good, too. So bright orange! <3

    I’m a chubby Dilong Elf, lol. But my scales look cool.

    I loved Halloween! And Hotel Transylvania is the cutest movie!

    Those nails are awesome, btw.

    You know how my Halloween was; it was awesome because it was with you!