Friday, November 15, 2013

My Week(s) in Pics ~11/9 - 11/15~

Hey Guys!

Haven't been all that busy, but tomorrow's gonna try to makeup for it. The girls and I are going to see Thor 2, run a few errands (including hitting up our fav book store, Bookman's) and then meet up for editng, TV and good times! Hopefully...

But I need to bang this out real quick, so here's my pics:

Some of you may have seen my post about Mighty being terrified of the flyswatter, but Strider is terrified of the camera. He's totally panicking. Is it wrong that I find this hilarious? >:D
I hit one hundred followers on Pinterest last week! So excited! Thanks for all the love! <3 p="">
Tati, aka GlamLifeGuru is following me on Google+! So honored!!!
Okay, this pic looks akward, but it's the best I could do! Rocking a dark lip via Michelle Phan's tutorial! I got compliments on my hair, makeup and outfit at church this past Sunday!
Kandee's replied to me so often! Here she called me beautiful! I cried, I was so thrilled. And I meant what I said, she's such a beautiful person and so lovely, can't believe that she talks to me so often!!!
Another pin has gotten popular! Now it's close to 300 repins! I know, this is so little and doesn't really matter, but I get so excited about each repin and like!!!!
And isn't this outfit so cute?
Mighty has a new spot! That's on top of the entertainment center, about 10 ft up!!! He's such a climber, but unlike certain other kitties *coughAngelShadowcough* he hasn't broken a thing!

So that's my weeks in pics!

What are you plans for the weekend? Anything fun, or did you catch the flu like two of my besties???

<3 p="">

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  1. I'm sorry I didn't comment on your blog before! How did I miss it? Gah!

    We went to Bookmans! I was so happy! I got to get the last book in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - I had books 1-3 and book 5, and I got book 4!

    No, it's not wrong that Strider's panic is hilarious to you, lol. He's like, EEEEK!

    Yay, 100 followers!

    Wow! One of your Youtubers is following you! Wow!
    And her favorite color is sparkle? Cool!

    That picture does NOT look awkward. It looks NICE! Your lips look great! And your makeup and outfit match perfectly!

    Oh, wow! Kandee's so nice!

    Wow, your Minnie Mouse-esque pin is really popular! And that outfit is tres chic, yo! =)

    I'm actually a bit surprised Mighty hasn't broken anything, he's so big. But good for him!

    My plans for the weekend? It's Thanksgiving. My plan is to get unwillingly fat...

    And to huggles with YOU!