Friday, November 8, 2013

Worthless (Poem)

So I read this article that Promise Phan/Promise Tamang tweeted about, and it really hurt me. It was about how my generation and younger feel that they need a great job or not one at all. And something Austin Kutcher said just really hurt, because I don't have a job, but not because I refuse to get one. I simply can't due to various reasons my friends and family are aware of.

So I started asking some questions to myself, and it turned into this poem. Let me know what you think!



What is worthless?


No one

A word that shouldn’t exist


For God made us all

And made all

So there must be some worth in



And yet this label doesn’t cease to exist

It haunts the innocent


Of their own mind


A term the world throws around

Pretending that they

Who have worth

Can deem what does

Or does not


But who are they to judge

Rulers and workers

Can they decide?

Have they that right?


What of those who label themselves

Is it their right to choose

If they live up to this term

Or any other term?


Wouldn’t the world be

Better off

If perhaps someone


Simply lived


No judging

No harming

No labels


Just living


But then again

Who am I

To decide if worthless

Is worthless?

1 comment:

  1. I have heard people say that about our generation and younger, and in some instances it’s true. And in some instances (like yours and mine) there’s more to it. Like how working at McDonald’s made me suicidal because my parents had always accidentally pushed the idea into my head that people who work at McDonald’s are worthless and stupid.

    And you wrote a poem. Cool! Let us read now. =)

    “For God made us all
    And made all
    So there must be some worth in
    That, right there.
    You’re so smart. I love you.

    This is good, Lorien. I like it a lot.

    Unfortunately, it asks a very pesky question - can we really say that “worthless” is worthless? Boo. Because then we get wrapped up in philosophy and ethics. But IMHO, I think common sense would dictate that the label “worthless” should get chucked out the window. And you have a lot of common sense. So there you go.

    Very well done. I like.