Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Drowning (Poem)



I feel like I’m drowning

Like the waves are overpowering






“Don’t let fear rule you”

But what if all you have is fear?

All that you can rely on

All that remains at the end of the day

Is the endless depth

That sucks you in



Believe in what?

That with some work things will get better?

Believe in trust?



I hold onto faith

But it’s not enough

It’s never enough

“Faith without works is dead”


Where’s the works?

A bleeding whisper of a promise

Floating away on the wind



To mean something





It’s not enough


The burns and bruises haven’t faded

They never faded

Will never fade


I can’t see through the smoke

To the fire

Is it there?

Is it done?


Will anyone find me?

Will anyone help me?


The tears turn into a river

River becomes a sea

A tsunami wave


And I’m pulled  under

1 comment:

  1. I’ll find you
    To quote an Elven prince we all love
    I would crawl barefoot over broken glass
    Or shards of poisonous iron
    Or walk through Hell
    To find you

    I’ll help you
    Even if it’s just holding onto you
    While we both drown
    So that I can push you above water
    For just a few moments longer

    At least that way when we’re both drowned
    We can team up again in the afterlife
    And kick butt there, too