Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Week in Pics + Black Friday!!! ~11/16-11/30~

Hey guys!!!

Sorry I haven't been writing, my carpul tunnel's been bugging me, and I've been working on other things, like food! I did start a new story, but it's on Figment. You can check it here:

Hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty quiet, but fun regardless, and OMG, Black Friday was CRAZY!!! If you saw my post on Facebook, you know I got up at 4 AM, and was either shopping, eating, or driving for over 12 hrs. TWELVE HOURS! I spent 2 hrs in Old Navy just to buy some shirts. It was REDONKULUS!!! SHEESH!!!

Anywho, here's some pics!

My Thor 2 Inspired outfit which I wore to see the movie! I don't have ANYTHING that's red other than a tank, so I just wore that under my black long sleeved shirt. The belt reminded me of armor a tiny bit, the hat was for his helmet, and my necklace is for his helmet's wings. In the comics he wears blue pants with his boots, so that's what I went for. And red lipstick of course!
LA didn't want me to show her face, but she went for a Loki inspired look. Actually, a Thea inspired look, which was inspired from Loki. So her shimmery green dress was paired with a dark long sleeve (it's gray, but she doesn't have black, same with the leggings).
And when we got back, found out my folks had gotten the extended edition of The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey in the mail! YAY!

Mighty's found a new perch....12 ft in the air. My dad noticed him up on this plant shelf. He was just chilling, enjoying the view. *shakes head* crazy woozle!
Winter arrived with a bang here! It got cold...and really really foggy. Not scary foggy, just kinda cool and creepy. I was so glad I didn't have to drive anywhere that day, although my mom thought it was awesome and took me out to eat with her! :)

When my besties came over for the first time in 2 weeks, Megan brought her laundry to do, which is what she always does. Mighty hadn't seen her stuff in a while, so he had a blast jumping on the bags and in the baskets and on her laundry. I guess it was his playground! (BTW, he is HUGE now, since it's gotten cold. His fur has really fluffed out, so he looks a big teddy bear...that hisses and growls if you touch him)
Because we hadn't been together in forever, we hung out twice. The next day, we returned to see the boys being all friendly! Doesn't happen often, especially on my bed! I took the pic them hugged them both....Mighty avoided me the rest of the day, lol!

And last but not least, I went Black Friday shopping! I got up at 4 AM because I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving. Since I've worked retail, I can tell you that you look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas so much, because there's no guarantee that you won't work any day other than those days. Even days you asked off, and were promised off, you can be called in. So shopping on Thanksgiving (unless it's last minute at a grocery store, because they stay open only for the morning and close their doors about 3 PM) is just tacky to me.
So I got up early, went shopping, traveled up to Phoenix to see my fam, and was wisked away by my cousins to go shopping some more! Literally spent all day in stores and barely stopped to eat and nap! Crazy and fun!
My friends and I went to Forever 21, Sears (didn't get anything there, OMG, that store SUCKED), Charlotte Russe, Ulta, Hot Topic, and Shasa (didn't get anything there, we were pretty much broke by then). Cuz's took me to J Crew, Bananna Republic, Charlotte Russe again, and Old Navy. I only bought in Old Navy for the second shopping spree.
I bought plenty for Christmas or for my friends, and those aren't shown. But in Forever 21 I got two pairs of pants for about $10 each in teal and black. I also picked up some red leggings for $3.40! And I bought two shirts for $4.75 each at Old Navy. Those weren't worth the 2 hr wait, but we were in sight of the registers for a really long time, so me and my cuz Jordan, who bought way more, just waited it out.

Today I've been just chilling and catching up on Youtube and gathering pics for this!

Did you go Black Friday shopping? What'd you get?

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  1. Glenn's Story, OMG!!!


    Anyways...I was there for some of the Black Friday shopping!

    Your outfit is AWESOME, btw. It's so interesting that we ended up going, you as Thor...Thorina? And me as Loki...Lokina. Yeah. Thorina and Lokina. We looked good.

    The Extended Hobbit was AWESOME!
    Especially when Kili's like, "That Elf-maid's not bad," and someone else was like, "That's a dude."

    Awww...Mighty's a potato.

    Ooooh, misty creepy foooooog...
    phonetically, that should be faaaaaaaaaaahg, because that looks like I was elongating the word "foog," which I don't think is a word.

    Mighty is so funny. And so HUGE! OMG!
    And he and Strider were so cute.

    I totally went Black Friday shopping - with you! It was awesome.