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Monthly Favorites ~November 2013~

Hey guys!

It's already December! Where has this year gone? I mean, seriously, it's disappeared! Hard to believe I've been doing this monthly favorites for over a year! I'll have so much to choose from when I do my year favorites, which will be in under a month. DANG!

Anywho, I'll have time to reminisce later, but onto my favorites from the past month, and I've got a lot. So here we go:

LA Knight's Darkness There, and Nothing
This isn't a book, but an Avengers/Thor fanfic that redeems Loki. I actually *hate* these kind of fanfics, but LA has corrupted me. I'm in LOVE with this story, and she's just wrapped it up. There will two more coming, so if  you haven't read it, GO! It's not super long, really short and sweet and I'm in love!
LA Knight's Once Upon a Time
Yes, I'm biased in my pics this month. If you don't know, I'm LA Knight's editor for her fantasy novels, and these two fanfics. No others, just these two. But again, I'm not a fanfic fan, I actually hate them as a rule. But this was the first exception. She had to bribe me into reading it, and chapter one is the most powerful writing she'd written at the time (her novels and later chapters in this and Darkness have risen above that first chapter).
Now, this fanfic is HUGE. As in, something like 10 novels worth of writing. But some fans have literally sat down and read the whole thing, ALL of it, in two or three days. I couldn't do it, but more than one person has! I love this story that starts long before the movie and will (eventually) go through the movie to a different conclusion!
Thor 2: The Dark World
Me and my girls have been WAITING for this movie! And then LA got sick, so we had to push it back twice...but we did see it! LOVED IT! Fav line: Tada!
If you haven't seen it, but liked the Avengers, GO SEE IT! If you're broke, do the early bird specials. Three of us saw it for under $20.
Oz: The Great and Powerful
So, I know, this came out forever ago, but we just never got around to seeing it. I really liked it! Super fun, cute, funny and the special effects! STUNNING!!! OMG, the imagery was just beautiful. Very well done, Disney. And because I saw it on DVD, I saw Disney's trip to OZ, which was really cool.
Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits
I know I picked this last month, but the season wrapped up in November, and WOW it was AMAZING! Everything I thought happened in the finale did and didn't. First with Beginnings, then with the last four episodes, it just took the whole series to a new level. I'm super exicted for the next season, like I haven't since Avatar the Last Airbender, season 3. GREAT series!
This is the vlog
 channel for AprilAthena7, one of the two youtubers I choose last month. Her and her husband Justin are just so stinking cute! Love them. And they're also cat lovers, which is awesome, since I am too. Oh, and she's expecting her first child, a son, in April! :)
This is the vlog channel for my other youtuber from last month, BubzBeauty. Just like with Justin and April, Lindy and her husband Tim are super cute and fun to watch. They're dog lovers, but I can overlook it ;) J/K
And unlike so many other vloggers, they don't tell you what day it is, it's just a bunch of fun clips of them living their lives and having fun. Or fighting. With paint. lol!

So, I'm a super Zelda fan. I remember sitting for days after school and just watching my brother play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I fell in love with the story, which was a heavy inspiration for Warrior, BTW. That Link has been in more games than any other except one (Legend of Zelda 2, Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Oracle of Seasons, and Oracle of Ages are all one Link). This video shows his story, which is WAY more messed up than any other so beautifully. It's actually from a Tumblr post which you can check out here:
Although, the original creator loves this vid and has commented!

Winter is here in Tucson (aka, the temps below 70 degrees), so I've been wearing some sweater dresses with either leggings or my sweater tights and boots! It's just so comfy to wear them!
ELF Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths
So, right after Thor 2, I got some gas to run a few errands before me, LA and Megan headed back to my place. And the gas...sprayed all over me. I had to make a run to LA and Megan's apartment where I changed into some borrowed clothes, and showered (again). They didn't have any makeup remover (they seriously don't wear makeup at ALL), so I just used face wash.
Yeah, I looked like a dead bride come to kill her ex husband or something. It was terrible. Ran to Target and picked these up. I got all the rest of it off and looked normal again. I've used them since, and they get my waterproof mascara off better than anything else I've ever used!!! At $3, that's AWESOME!!!!
Attain Crave Blocker and GC Control Shakes
For the past two or three months, this (or an Attain Crave Blocker bar) has been my breakfast. When it's cold, I heat the water and mix it up in a large thermal mug, or if it's warmer, I just put it in a large water bottle and shake it up. It's yummy and has really been helping me lose weight! I'm already down to a size 30 or 10!!! Hard to believe last year I was a size 14-16! And they're really yummy!
1) Katy Perry - Unconditionally
This song is AWESOME! The video's beautiful, and so is this song. Little surprise it's in my top three on Spotify.
2) Superchick - Stand in the Rain
This is actually an old song from high school that I rediscovered this past month. I love the message to just hold on and stand in the rain. Very powerful and brings back good memories of hanging with my friends and watching anime!
3) MKTO - Classic
This song came out in the summer, but I fell in love with it when Bethany Mota featured it in a recent video. Very fun, upbeat, and I totally approve of the message of being a lady and having guys think it's hot! 

So that's my monthly favorites! Whew! It's a lot, but I just had a lot to love.

Anything cool happen to you this past month?

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post before. I'm sorry. =( But here I am with it now, typing cockeyed because of the brace, lol.

    And I know what you mean about the year just slipping by. Like, where'd it go?

    OMG, I'm in your December favorites for Darkness! And you posted my hash-tag promo poster, too. Cool! I love that one. And it's so nice how I corrupted you, lol. It makes me so proud of myself. And actually, Darkness is a lot longer than I thought. It's about 220,000 words long. That's like...two of Glass. I was really shocked when I figured that out. And that's not counting the deleted scene! But yes, I'm a brilliant and corrupting influence, muahaha. I made you love Loki. =D

    OMG I love that drawing of Nuada! It's so beautiful and sad. I think I'll be able to figure out why Nuada has boots like that. Maybe they're a gift from John. And my work takes up BOTH slots in favorite books this month! WOW! I'm so honored. Yeah, Once is huge. Like, over 1 mil words, man! I still can't believe it...And yeah, some of my fans read it all in one shot. I'm like, "Drugs? You on them? Love makes me feel loved." And yeah, we'll hit the movie sometime. We'll get going a bit quicker after the northern villages and the trip to Avalon.

    Thor 2 was EPIC!! But it needed to be fleshed out a touch more. I want to see more scenes between Loki and Thor having brother moments (even violent, pummeling ones). And yes, best line - Tada! Though there was a great deal of funny in the whole movie. =D

    OZ rocked, man!! Love it, and didn't see the twists coming at all!! And yes, the graphics were gorgeous. =)

    Korra was great, for the most part. I can't wait for season 3. Mako still owes Asami some groveling. And I wanna see what happens with Bolin and Eska. Oh, and whether being in the Spirit Realm for so long affected Jinora. And I always miss Milo, lol.

    Yay, AprilAthena's having a baby!

    So Bubz' name is Lindy. That's a pretty name. And they are cute. I love seeing them interact. =)

    I'm not a big fan of Zelda, but that music video was AWESOME!!!

    Winter is here and Lorien looks fabulous!!! As always. And the makeup removal wipes were good. I LOL'd at the line in this blog "I looked like an undead bride ready to murder her ex-husband." You heard me laughing so hard this morning, lol.

    I LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!!!! You're right, it totally fits Nuada/Dylan and Loki/Thea. I love it sooooo much. It's so romantic.

    Anything cool happen to me? Erm...Blake and Michelle are coming to Tucson, I convinced my mom to order all my presents when I was sitting right next to her (triumph!), I've discovered some new book series since all my current ones are over or almost over, and I placed twice on your monthly faves!!