Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Favorites of 2013

Hey Guys!


So, the new year is coming fast, but I've *finally* compiled my favs of the whole year! (There WILL be a December favorites, but I wanted to get this out of the way first).

Here's my favorites of the whole year!!!


The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

In case you didn't know, this is my fav movie of all time. You can read my full review here: http://lorienlobrien.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-hobbit-desolation-of-smaug-review.html

Man of Steel

If I had to choose between Thor 2 (and I did) or this one, this would come on top. It's so well done. I am NOT a Superman fan, but this movie made me one. While I loathe who they got to play Batman (Daredevil? REALLY!?) I'm going to watch it because I want to see this Superman again. And again.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Wow. Just...WOW! OMG, this movie is so well done! Too bad a knucklehead at church thought I was a complete blockhead and totally gave away the big secret. Everyone who already knew asked me how I found  that twist. My response: I've know for a month already.


The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits

The best episodes in both series were in this season of Korra, and HOLY COW, were they GOOD! The latter half of the season had me on the edge of my sit, and everything I thought would happen did and didn't. So well done. SO WELL DONE!!!


LA Knight has come out with an amazing novel, a whole new amazing fan fic (that I was certain I would hate. LOVE IT), and more content to her amazing fanfic ONCE. But, again, if you were to say I was being biased, editing all of these and providing ideas, and knowing the majority of the plot months ahead...

...then I'd choose Percy Jackson. HATED book 1, really liked book 2, addicted by book 3. Currently waiting for Book 4 of the SECOND series to come in at the library for me :)


My moto boots is a fav. They haven't been mentioned much, but I've worn them out 3/4 times since I bought them. LOVE them!


Covergirl Lip Perfection in Hot Passion

I love this lipstick. Even after it's faded, I have a hot pink stain on underneath. Def my fav makeup product this year


I'm almost out of this, but it's really saved my hair! Love it, and getting some more soon!


Loft House Mini Pumpkin Cookies

I love pumpkin anything ('cept fraps and lattes), and I love cookies. When I tried them together? HEAVEN!


Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - Like a Broken Vessel

This video is the most powerful talk about mental health and making yourself better that I've ever heard in my life. I never felt so loved, and so understood by the leaders of my church. I bawled when I saw it the first time, and every time after. I love this talk. If you're battling depression, you MUST watch this.

To see my immediate response I wrote right after watching this the first time, read here: https://www.facebook.com/llobrien13/posts/517823241627909
If you want this posted on my blog, let me know.


I'm gonna have a whole blog post about this, but here's what my year on Spotify looks like

(click to enlarge and see what it says fully)

That's my favs of this year! Expect more about music in it's own post, and my December only favorites soon!

Hope you had a good year, and a better one next year!


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  1. ¬Here we go with your favorites for all of 2013!

    Oh, wow - Hobbit #2 is your fave of ALL time? Cool. But I can’t read your review yet, meh…

    MAN OF STEEL!!! He is SO hot. And such a well-developed Superman. I loved the flawed Superman from Young Justice because of his flaws, but he bothered me, too. The Superman from Man of Steel is so much better, and so much more realistic. I love him. And it’s nice to see more about how hard it was for him as a child, and see the choices that shaped him, all that stuff.

    I loved ST: Into Darkness. I didn’t believe it was Khan until you told me because when I looked it up on IMDB and Wikipedia, they spelled his name Kon, so I thought it was a Klingon villain or something. I loved the movie, except for the Klingons. Where da frack did THOSE come from? They look NOTHING like Klingons. They look like brown Jemha’dar with green eyes. But I loved what we saw, with Spock and Kirk, as well as the interactions we saw between Spock and Uhura. And corruption in the Federation and in Star Fleet that doesn’t have a basis in nefarious alien mind-control is nice, too.

    I liked Legend of Korra, too, though I was hoping for more mature characters - since Aang and the others were younger than Korra and her group, but were more mature in a lot of ways than the older kids from series 2. But the plot lines rocked! And I love Bolin and Pabu. SO MUCH!!

    Awww! You were certain you’d hate Darkness? YES! I WIN! As always. Muahahaha. I hope the sequel’s at least as good. I’m not sure…but I always have that problem with sequels. Apparently all writers do. Maybe because a lot of authors can’t maintain the same level of awesome…

    Confession - I don’t know where Darkest Devotion is going!! HELP ME!

    I’m glad you like Once. Really. Especially because you’re so picky - er, I mean, selective - so I know I’m doing good if you like it. I got a review recently that complained of a few things and I was like, “Um…no?”

    Awww, you think Bones is amazing? Or were you referring to Obsidian? But awww, either way! *hug*

    Percy Jackson! I do like that series. I thought the purpose of the series was a good one (to encourage and uplift kids with dyslexia and ADHD and get them to want to read and enjoy reading) so it got me through book one, and I thought it was actually pretty creative, plot-wise. But there were more than a few problems. Once I reread Lightning Thief, I’m going to review it on my blog. And I adore Tyson. And once we met Zoe Nightshade in book 3, I loved the series. Her story is so sad and terrible and adult without being gratuitous or anything bad. Can’t wait to get through the series, but I’ve got a billion things to read from the library (and more important things to read from YOU) so I’ll wait a while on that.

    Hooray for moto boots! They so cute!

    Wow. Hot Passion is the perfect name for that lipstick. It reminds me of Felicity’s lips on Arrow. She could pull that off, and so can you. =)

    Loft House is evil. Like, for real. They make the devil’s food. In the form of cookies. It’s crack in the form of cookies!

    I think all four of us cried when Elder Holland gave that talk. I love him. He’s my favorite apostle. =)

    I know 9 of your 10 top songs for 2013. And I love a lot of them so much! Including Sam’s song, “Me Without You.” Describes every bad guy I’ve ever tried to redeem with love or will try to, basically, and succeeded.

    I had an okay year. I got a lot done! Wrote more than 7 novels’ worth of writing done! =)