Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Week(s) in Pics ~12/15 - 12/28~

Hey guys!

So I got my pics all ready to go, so you can all take a look! I'm also going to upload another chapter for Glenn's Story. Just a quick reminder, you can read it only on Figment here:

But here's my past two weeks!

We saw The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug! (Which you should know if you read my review here:
It was awesome! Check my post to see why it's my favorite movie ever!!!

We briefly thought my uncle was coming over, so before church on Sunday my dad super cleaned the room and reorganized things. It's looks amazing. Me and Ray fit in quite nicely! ^^

Before Christmas, me, Ray, Megan, Karl and my brother had a gift exchange. I got Ray's Obsidian, the latest two of the Lorien Legacies, Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Mousse, and some makeup from my mom! I had a blast, and was so sad when they had to leave after only an hour or so!

Mighty and Strider's new favorite spot is on my bed together. Just this morning they were so cute!

While up in Phoenix Christmas Day, I found these in Grandma's kitchen. I got hooked on them, so my grandma gave them to me. Totally addicted! ^^

Just after Christmas, my dad got bored so he and I went to Walmart (or as my brother calls it, Wally-World!). There I picked up a new lipstick from NYC and two pairs of fuzzy socks. I count them as Christmas gifts.

Two of my pins have gotten a lot of attention these past two weeks. The bottom one is my most pinned pin ever, and the one above is second! I get hits on them both almost every day! :)

I also lucked into a little bit of cash (SCORE!!!) so I went out and picked up the new edition of Lindsey Stirling's self titled album, as well as the number one drugstore bronzer, NYC's Sunny. Love them both! ^^

So that was my past two weeks! I had a GREAT time in Phoenix with my cousins, just sitting around and talking. Also I managed to get close to the end of Warrior (hee hee hee!). SO excited!!

How was your Christmas? Get anything cool?

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  1. Here we go with your weeks in pics!

    Why do you torture me with saying how awesome Hobbit 2 is but won't let me read your post?!?!

    Yay! Now we fit in the computer room together!

    I love how big Obsidian is compared to everything else, lol...

    You know why Mighty and Strider like to cuddle together? Because it's COLD!!!

    Are those things like, bootleg Oreos?

    SOCKS!! and...lipstick? Oh, Christmas gifts. I gotcha. Lol.

    I like those quotes. No wonder they're pinned so often.

    Lindsey Stirling FTW!! And yay, bronzer! Do you remember when we were younger before Cabaret and I was like, "What's foundation!?!?!" And now I'm just like, "Oh, cool, bronzer. I know what that is." =D

    I got books. Always cool. We are almost out of room again...luckily we're moving at the end of April into a bigger place, so we can get another bookcase, lol.