Friday, December 13, 2013

My Week(s) in Pics ~12/1-12/14~ Holiday Decorations!

Hey ya'll!

Sorry for not posting this last week! I didn't take any pics, but this week will be big! As the title says, I got my decor up this week, so I've got that all down below.

And sorry for the blur effect, I took the decor pics at night, which means the camera can't focus very well at all (remember the pics at night from my trip to Las Vegas?). Anywho, here it is!

The Tuesday after Black Friday is called Giving Tuesday, and Polished and Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) paired up.
Mighty continues to appear in new spots! Now he's taken to the computer room chair!
And I don't know if you noticed behind Mighty, but for a little while, I got a new comp! It's actually my bro's old one, but his new one died shortly after it arrived, so he's currently using the one he gave me to try to get a new one, or a refund.
But before my bro's comp died, my sock did! :( I loved these socks, there were my only knee-highs, which is probably why they wore out. Gonna try to stock up on some in the after Christmas clearance sales at Dillards and other places.

Onto Christmas Decor. This year, me and my girls got it all done, tree and outside too, in ONE DAY!!! We didn't do the outside lights, my dad did that earlier, but everything else we did!!! BOOYAH!!!

Again, sorry about the blur. But doesn't the tree look cool at night?



WHEW! Yeah, it's a lot, but MAN it looks good! We worked so hard, so this isn't just for me, but for my girls too. Megan's back hurt her, and Ray even climbed on the step ladder to do the stockings, even though she's terrified of heights. Great job, ladies!
After taking my girls home, Spotify rounded up my year! While I'll def have a December and 2013 favorites, and I'll build my own playlist, this was interesting. My most played song and artist are Selena Gomez, her song Come & Get It! I do love that song...
Something terrible happened this past week or two. My cousin was a passenger during that ice storm that hit Texas, and was in an accident. She's recovering from an head injury, but is still in the hospital recovering. She's single mother of 3, and her kids need her. In the meantime, the bills need to be paid. This picture was made by her friend for her, using her favorite quote from her favorite show, Dr. Who. On the page where you can download this for free is a link to a donation page to help her family while she recovers.
You can read all abou this picture, as well as find the link here:
But to finish this post off, LOOK AT MY BOYS!!! They randomly were chilling in my room together. So cute! They're not there now.
Speaking of which, Megan's spending the night, so those sheets must be washed...
Hope you guys stay safe, and have a great week ahead!!!

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  1. So I saved the webpage about Giving Tuesday to my flashdrive, right? My comp claims the address isn't valid, so I have to read the explanation when I get to your house. In the meantime, "Giving Tuesday" sounds kind of self-explanatory, so yay for charity and stuff! And even though I can't see your beautiful face, I love your shirt!

    Mighty is expanding his claimed territory. Probably cuz he doesn't care where he sleeps, as long as it's warm, lol! I see him cuddling the blanket…

    Awww, Mighty's all curled up and twisty! I love it when cats do that. And boo for new comps breaking randomly! They better give David a new one!

    Ack! Your socks! Rest in peace (pieces), O Worthy Footwear! We shall miss thee!

    I helped with the alcove! And I love that little red bear (well, he's not little, but he's red!), and the candy-cane zebra family! And the handmade Santa is always cool. Your aunt is amazing. Oh, and loving the fiber-optic glowy Santa (I want a mini-tree that does that) and I ADORE Christmas tree lights in dimness!

    I love the jingly blue balls on the porch, too, and the stocking holders look nice. SO glad I didn't drop and break one! Eeek. And the cookie jars are cute. =)

    "Come and Get It" is on all three of the writing playlists you made me - Once, Darkness, and Glass/Obsidian. No wonder you play it so much, lol!

    Gonna repost the thing about Angie on Facebook on Monday!

    Mighty and Strider say, "S'up? We just chillin' like fuzzy villains." And Cloud and Toshiro are in timeout, lol!

    As for me, only one update that might surprise you: I think I have carpal tunnel in my left wrist. I'm not surprised - I did a LOT of copy/pasting over the last week or so, and I've been sleeping on my hand funny, remind me to show you when you read this - but yeah, my left hand hurts. I can type with it as long as I don't do the copy/paste shortcut maneuver. Boo…luckily, that's a formatting maneuver, so I don't need to do it that often while I write. Yay!