Friday, August 23, 2013

My Week(s) in Pics ~8/10 - 8/22~

Hey ya'll!

Sorry I haven't done one of these in forever. I haven't been taking pictures because I've been battling an infection, and I've been to the doc twice about it. I haven't done much of anything, honestly. I've seen my girls (it's not contagious) but we've mostly wrote, which you've seen on here.

But enough about illness, time for PICTURES!!!

Doc's pupt me on a sugar-free no white flour diet. Now, I hate diets. I can't follow them to save my life, and honestly I don't care. Diets cause serious depression, and I really don't need that. Luckily, they have things like sugar-free ice cream! This is so yummy! Ate it all in one night.
This whole grain, very low cereal is a LIFE SAVER! Seriously, this is my go-to in the morning, because the milk is hydrating, I'm more full and I can last from noon till dinner without eating too much!
These pomegranates are from our yard! Can't wait to eat one!!!
Another amazing, sugar-free ice cream.
Seriously, love this stuff!
Dillards is having a clearance sale!!! Found this super cute dotted capris for just over $10. I love sales. I afford stuff! ^^
These were also about $10. Love the purple earrings and the blinged-out heart bangle is adorable!
You gonna check out your Dillard's clearance or found some healthy snacks? Let me know what you pick up!!!
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1 comment:

    My soul soars at its beauty. Truly.
    Thank you for the ice cream. Now I’m that much less likely to steal Megan’s candy.

    I’ve started eating bananas and yogurt in the morning instead of an entire bowl of pasta (which is about 3 boxes’ worth if you factor in how much pasta I add in) or 4 bowls of cereal. I have 1 banana and 2 yogurts and half a bottle of water, and I fill my craving for sweetness as well as don’t eat like a fat hippo.

    The pomegranates are from your YARD?!?!
    That. Is so totally COOL!!!

    You know, I probably should try a spoonful of your ice cream, just to see what it tastes like.
    If that’s okay.

    Oh, wow! Those capris ARE cute!
    You know that white-polka-dotted black dress you have? I think if you had a shirt with that pattern, a cute little blouse, you could wear it with those capris. And like, in winter/autumn, maybe some black or red tights. And a red/black statement necklace and red-jeweled earrings if you got them? Just a thought. We could go on the prowl for a shirt like your dress later on a shipping trop.
    shOpping trIp

    That bangle IS adorable! TOTES!
    OMG I just said that. Garg…
    Oh, well. CUTE!
    And those earrings are pretty.
    Hey, would they work with that purple outfit you put together for your Kokiri Emerald necklace? Like, if you had purple earrings with your purple clothes, but a green bracelet to match your green necklace? Would that work? Just wondering.