Thursday, March 8, 2012

Itch - poem

So, I'm currently battleing some pretty self-destructive tendencies. It's not easy, and honestly, I feel itchy all over. So I wrote this song, I have the melody, (it's a simple), but I don't know how to write music, just lyrics.

Let me know how you think!

I can't help feeling it when I'm here all alone

cuz when

I'm with my girlfriends they say girl leave it alone

it's my itch

it's my itch

late at night when I'm just trying to go to bed

it just

creeps up upon me like a voice inside my head

it's my itch

it says

come on babe, just one more time

you'll be all right

but I can't give in or I'll lose myself

this burning feeling's my living hell

it's my itch

it's like

a broken record whisp’ring just give up the fight

but my

heart keeps on telling me go to bed for tonight

it's my itch

it's my itch

it sings

don't fight me now

just once won't hurt anyhow

but my heart keeps fighting, I won't give up

this girl's no quitter so just shut up

it's my itch

it's my itch

I'm stronger than my body's wants

I won't give in to this stupid taunt

I know I'm better than a destructive need

but it won't go, the feeling won't leave

it's my itch

it's my itch

1 comment:

  1. firstly - you spelled tendencies wrong, lol

    secondly - wow! this is good, actually. It could apply to any kind of self-destructive behavior - cutting, hitting, anything. Even shooting up heroin or something, actually.

    In Mr. Tonk's AP Lit class, we talked about the difference between commercial and literary writing, and the difference is that literary writing possesses broad themes, themes and concepts and ideas that can be applied to a lot of different things. And this counts. So kudos to you, darling!