Thursday, January 23, 2014

FanFic Poem ~ Lily's Inner Tears

So, I was feeling pretty depressed and mad at myself for losing my temper (what else is new, right?). And I realised that instead of thinking in the mode of a story, which is freakish-normal for me, I was thinking in the terms of a poem.

So I decided to write a poem.

At first it was for me, and how I felt, but then I realised that it was more like how Lily feels.

Now, you all know by now that I'm the editor/beta for LA Knight, aka Ray, aka my bestie/best friend for all of eternity. And she's published several books now, two of which are from her Twilight Chessboard series. Well, if you haven't picked it up yet (shame on you! Unless you're from another coutry. Sadly Amazon won't ship outside of the US or Canada. Boo on you, Amazon!), Lily is the protaginist, or the badguy in the first two novels. She tears up peoples lives, as well as their bodies. And in more than one case, she kills them. Not personally, but they died because she said so.

Anywho, Lily Whitmoore is evil, evil, EVIL. Right?

Sort of. See, her father's the *real* nasty here. He abuses her, and so does her mother. She thinks terribly of herself because of it, and takes that out, which is what they taught her to do, literallly, on other people. Namely Jack, the male lead.

At the end of book 2 *SPOILER IF YOU CARE* she loses to Alyssa, the main character, and to save her life from her psychotic father, moves in with Alyssa. *END OF SPOILER THANK YOU*

So that's where this is coming from.

Also, please check it out on Figtment and give it a heart, if you would. 'Kay thanks!

Do you ever feel this?

Trapped, alone,
Lost, forsaken,
Never gonna be good enough
Never can be good enough

Look in the mirror
See the flaws
Nod to yourself
That’s why no one cares

I see you

Cared for

Everything I am not

Stupid failure
Stupid girl
Who’d want you

Abandoned by your mother
Your father, your brother
Your friend

My friend

He’s gone.
And he’s never coming back

Because I’m not good enough.

And I wonder
Do you ever feel this?

Of course not.

Because you have him.

1 comment:

  1. OMG you wrote a fanfic poem for ME!
    I’m honored.

    I’ve already got Lily’s redemption plotted out. It’s gonna be so sad.

    I’m thinking at some point I’m going to have Alyssa randomly hug Lily and Lily’s like, “Da frack are you doing?” And Alyssa’s just like, “You looked like you needed it.”

    I love this, btw. The poem. I love it. =)