Friday, January 3, 2014

My Week in Pics ~12/26 - 1/3~

Hey guys!

So I don't have many pics this week, I was working on a ton of blog posts for ya'll! (seriously, if you haven't noticed, I've done 4 times the regular amount this week, holy crap). But I do have a few pictures for ya!

Here they are!

New Years day is Dillard's largest and busiest sale of the year. Basically if it's on clearance, it's an additional 50% off. Not of everything, but most things! Got a cute purple skirt, star scarf, and cute socks! The tights are the wrong size, so I'm gonna have to return them today or tomorrow.

I also picked up this GORGEOUS ring for $7! Only seven bucks, man! LOVE it! The peach color of the stone will totally go with rose gold, which I'm planning on getting some jewelry in that color for gem show!

Since it's a new year, most are making resolutions. I made some, but this is my main one.

This is the rest!!! Though they're more of goals than a resolution. My main goal this year is finish and publish Warrior. I want to see it on book shelves by this time next year, or it being very close to it!

I know most would start looking for an agent now, but with my carpal tunnel acting up, I don't want to risk the book not being finished on time. I can't sit for 14 hrs and type. In fact I can barely handle 4. But I'm going to do my best to get Warrior done.

Did you make any resolutions? How about the after Christmas sales, hit them up?

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  1. And now for your week in pics!

    That scarf with the stars is SO COOL! And your socks are cute. The skirt is pretty and purple, and apparently “and” is spelled “nand.” *face-palm* I did that, not you.

    I do like that ring. It’s pretty. And sparkly. And the stone is beautiful. Seven bucks is a steal!

    My New Year’s resolutions: finish Garnet, finish Bones completely, finish Sayuri, finish Darkest Devotion, get to 100 book reviews, get Sealed in the Temple, and get published. =) Not necessarily in that order.

    Oh, and squiggle down to 130 pounds. Ha. -_- Well, maybe. Hopefully.

    I loves you!

    Oh, and my other resolutions: get another bookcase or two and fill it!