Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics! ~1/4 - 1/19~

Hey ya'll!

Sorry for not posting one of these recently, I was having trouble getting my pictures, and for a bit there it was a real pain to get them off my camera because of the card I use. BUT! I managed to get the slot on my new (it's actually old) computer to work. YAY!


Anywho, here's some things that have happened in the past few weeks!

Did you know that Anne of Green Gables has a MANGA!? Because I didn't! Only the first three books are in manga form, but I'm totally reading them! Already on chapter 5 of the first volume

Been voting for Lindsey Stirling on Dance Showdown, and paused it right at this face. LOL!
You can vote for her here: 

My mom's friend gave her some more makeup! Some of this is going to my best friends :)

Some flowers by the back door are in bloom! These are called Christmas Cactus, because they bloom in the winter. I love how one of theme is part red flowers, and part white. So pretty! :)

It was a steak and potato kind of night! ;)
Oh, and the steak was super thick, so I was full after!

Just some things I'm always grateful for!
This is the fourth day of the Inner Beauty Challenge from Benefit Cosmetics. You can learn more about it here:
And to see my first day challenge, check it here:

That was my past week!

Did you take on a challenge, or find something new?

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1 comment:

  1. I would love the Anne of Green Gables manga! OMG! I want it! I have the entire series except for Christmas with Anne anyway. And there’s a book by someone else called Before Green Gables or something that I want.

    That…is a great Lindsey face.


    Oooh, Christmas cacti. They’re so pretty. Love the red flowers.

    *gasp* Steak and potatoes…why are you so cruel to me?

    I was about to be like, “I’m not on the list!” And then I saw it said “Friends” and was like, “Never mind.” =)