Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Week in Pics ~1/4 - 1/11~

Hey guys!

So I don't have many pictures, but I do have a few. Sadly, the best part of the week was when I logged in and found out that I had 122 views in ONE DAY! OMG, thank you guys so much! I wanted to take a picture, but I waited an hour, and stupid had moved down so I couldn't see it anymore! I think it was January 6th. But even if it was just 22 views, thanks so much!!!

Anywho, onto the pics!

Panda's opened just down the road from my house (okay, not just down the road. Just down the road is desert in every direction. But closer to my home than the 30+ min drive it was before!) So I've eaten there twice this past week! I must say, I'm loving it, because they're veggies aren't drenched in butter (I think. I hope not!) And their Teriyaki Chicken is AMAZING!!!
Oh, now I'm getting hungry. o.o"

This was my fortune when I went with my brother. As an author, I hope my book becomes famous. Then I just write for a living! A girl can dream, right? lol!

...this was my brothers. He's only 26! Come on, fortune cookie! LOL! We thought it was hilarious. :)

Michelle Phan is doing a giveaway, but she's encouraging her followers to post bare-faced selfies. So this is me without makeup! I don't wear makeup around my house, nor when I'm gonna just edit with Ray. For goodness's sake, I normally wear pj's around my house until late at night. I can't help it! I'm not going anywhere five days out of the week, so who cares, right?

So that was my week! Again, big THANK YOU for viewing my blog! Really makes my day when I get more than the two or three from me posting!

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  1. Whoa! 122 views in ONE day?!?! Awesome!

    Panda Express is open, yay!

    “Fame is in your future.”
    I hope so, for both of us!

    Exactly! No one cares if you wear PJs or hula skirts (you’d rock both, anyway). And you always look beautiful.