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Monthly Favorites ~January 2014~

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting a week in pics. Don't have very many, but there'll be one up next week, I promise!

Are you excited for February? I am! And NOT for Valentine's Day. Talk about a bummer, that happening when I'm super single and all, am I right? But I am excited for several reasons: Gem Show next weekend, Gilbert Temple Open House, and Ray getting a job! Which means we might go to Phoenix ComiCon!!! Sweet!

But we're not here to talk about February. We're gonna talk about January. January Favorites, to be precise! I may not have been all that busy this past month, but I do have some favs to share with ya'll!

So here they are!


Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian
I finally got my hands on Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian. And
It's SO good! At first I had trouble getting into the beginning while how *SPOILER* Opal Koboi gets out of jail. *DONE NOW* But the rest is just amazing, and by the end I was racing to get to the next page and see how Artemis survives this one. Brilliant end to the series, and the very last line is just the greatest. Well done Eoin Colfer. Well done.

Akage no Anne (Anne of Green Gables manga)
Read it for free here:
Yes, the title means Anne of Red Hair, but ignore that, because this manga is so well done! The lines are directly from the novel! Sadly, this is not out in English, but I'm enjoying this. The landscapes are just breathtaking.


Despicable Me
Yes, this movie came out a long time ago, and so did it's sequel. And yes, I've seen it like, 5 times. But I watched this with someone who wasn't sure they'd like it, and they did. Which made me like it even more. Absolutely adorable, this!

Cloud 9
Saw this just last night, and I really, really like it! So cute!


My Teal Pants
Yes, the picture's sideways, but it's already uploaded on the site, so I can't fix it without a headache.
Anywho, these pants are so awesome. Wearing bright colors helps with depression, so when I'm really down, I pair these with this bright purple sweater I have. Totally helps, too! :)


LaToya Forever
Youtube Channel:
This girl was an ad on Youtube, and I couldn't help but watch a video. Then another. Then four more. Then I was hooked and now I've seen almost all her videos. WARNING: she cusses, like, a lot. But she's just too funny. And I live with my brother, so...yeah. But I really like her, and if you need a laugh, watch her. She's hilarious!


Bored Swedish Marines do Grease Lightning
OMG, this video is hilarious! Someone shared this on Facebook, and I've shown everybody since, and now you! I love how the moves and choreography are identical, but it's completely their own!


AKB48 - River
Yup. I like anime, K-Pop, and now I'm back to being addicted to J-Pop. This is the largest girl group in the world, with 89 current members, split into different groups. They've taken over Japan, literally, I mean, you can't escape them. Everyone knows almost all their songs, and they perform every day, with different groups taking different days.
And I'm addicted. Dang it.
But you watch the video on Youtube and read the lyrics (it is in Japanese), then you'll see why I love the song. It basically says life can be like a big, wide, dangerous river, but there's always the other shore, and you'll make it if you just keep trying. And then I like the sound, and yeah. Addicted.

Lee Hyori - Bad Girls
Yup. Addicted to K Pop.
This song is just really fun, and the music video is really funny. It's bashing the lesson that you must always be perfect, which is even worse in Korea. While I am a basically a good girl, I'm not afraid to be "bad" and kick ass when it needs it.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse
Did you see the Grammys? I didn't see most of it, honestly, since it started with Beyoncé acting like a hoe, but then LL Cool J won me over with his awesome speech about how music brings everyone together. I wanted to watch to see P!nk and Taylor Swift perform, and my mom to see Ringo Star perform. But then we saw Katy Perry's performance.
No, she wasn't trying to summon the devil, you superstitious morons. I've been assigned to sit next to a devil worshiper who really did try it, and that's NOT what he did, and not how it's done. (Yeah, I met the weirdest people, seriously).
But I LOVED it. It was so good (though I muted the rapper, since I don't like his part), and so well done. I've found it on youtube and showed my girl Ray, who loved it too. And now I'm addicted to the song. It's just so cool! Very well done.

So that was my January Favorites!

What about you? Saw a cute movie or vid, or maybe found a new group to love? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I will be your Valentine! =) We will be as Platonically valentinian as Greek philosophers. =)

    Yeah, I got a job. I’m excited for money, but…work. Meh…

    But ComiCon! OMG! I can’t wait!!

    Opal gets out of jail? AGAIN!? Ugh, that spritely little wisp of unicorn fart needs to die!
    Now I’ve got to hurry up and read book 6 and 7 so I can read book 8. I’ve never read those ones.

    I want to read Anne of Green Gables the manga! I want ALL the Anne-things (except the American cartoon, it’s dumb).

    Can’t wait to watch movie 2!

    What’s Cloud 9?

    The teal pants look so pretty on you. =)

    That pic of LaToya Forever is HIGH-larious looking, lol!
    And is she holding a KNIFE?!?!

    The Grease Lightning marine guys were so funny! =D

    I am liking this River song already.
    I think I want to see the vid for “Bad Girls.”
    And omg, I’m addicted to Dark Horse now, too! So evil!

    What about my Jan faves?

    The Phoenix/Dark Horse/Sunrise for music
    For movies…I don’t know. TV shows, the last episode of Sherlock.
    Um…books…ah! The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. Most of her stuff is bad, but this isn’t!
    And people – you. =) And Karl and Megan.