Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~1/29 - 2/15~

Hey Guys!

Sorry for not posting one of these last week. I had two pictures before the Gem Show, then was at the Gem Show the days I was supposed to upload. And then I was too tired to post after that, and my room was just too dirty.

BUT! I have quite a few pics, and one more blog post to go up tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow, a Sunday. But not for work. It's about where I was yesterday...the Gilbert Temple Open House! Wonderful temple! I got to see rooms I've never been allowed in, and some offices and things that I may never see again. It so cool and beautiful...and I digress.

OH! Another thing...I FINISHED WARRIOR! That book is DONE! Now I've just got to edit it. It's kinda...huge. Like really huge. After all, there's another chapter you guys don't actually know about. :)

Anywho, took some more pictures and here they are!

Something I forgot to show in the last WiP post was that I'm now over 200 followers on Pinterest! Wow! Thanks to all of you guys for following my craziness! :)

February 1st I wore red to remember Congenital Heart Defects, an illness that affects millions, including Jessica Jensen, who passed away from it 3 years ago this October. I don't have any rich, red shirts or dresses, so I settled for my red pants.
RIP Jess! Love you! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Going along with Pinterest, this pin's gotten pretty popular. It's my favorite, and one of the most heartbreaking moments in Bleach. If you don't know what's going on, READ THAT MANGA! You can read it online, and at least my library stays on top of the big 3 manga, since so many people read it. So check it out!
Here's a link to my fav site for it (go to the bottom for all the chapters):

This pic's a little blurry, but that's because it's from my cellphone. Strider's a lover kitty, but not a lap cat. He'll rarely be on my lap longer than a minute or two. This time he was cuddling with me for almost 5 minutes! Had to capture the moment. :)

Now that Mighty's been going out for a good while, he's become not only a nice cat, but a playful one! This was taken around midnight! He'd been running around so much the hallway rug was all messed up. Then, while I watched, he dove into the roll, and stayed like that for a good while. A couple nights ago, he even played with me!

Last weekend was the Tucson Arizona Gem and Mineral Show. If you aren't certain or just don't know what that is, it's the biggest show of it's kind in the world. Anything you can think of that goes along with that is there. They've got lots of jewelry, gems, and precious stones, but also lots of other cool things from furniture to swords, statues of wood and stone, clothes, scarves, etc. etc. It's all over the city. Most places are open to the public, or are easy to sign up to get passes. Other places require a business license, or, at the largest and most prestigious place, a jewelers license and proof that the business exists. Of course I can't get into the biggest place, a resort where there are diamonds as big as your head. BUT! My family's and friends have been going to the Gem Mall and Holodom for years, and that just requires a business license, or a copy of one.
I attended twice this year, once with my mom, aunts, David, and a cousin, and the next day with my girls and cousins. This haul's from the first day. I can't help but spend most of the money the first time through getting items off my list. The rest is spent on other things that I just think are cute.

As you can tell, I got only a few things the next day. All of these purchases were from vendor's I've visited in the past years. All my necklaces/earrings and that bracelet/ring were from the same vendor, who sells statement jewelry between $5-$12 only! Isn't that AWESOME!?! The ring was only $2, the rose earrings $4, and that watches were $12 from Geneva, who's got a million stalls all over the city. Best place to buy watches! Super cheap, and they last years! The pendant and scarf were from vendors I've seen before, but never bought anything from. I plan to make a necklace of that pendant, and my mom's got plenty of beads and things for me to do so.

So that was my past two weeks, minus the Gilbert Temple Open House. Look for the post about that tomorrow.

Do you do anything really fun recently, or hit a major achievement like me?

<3 p="">

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  1. Time for Lorien’s week in pictures! Here we go!

    OMG you finished Warrior! YAY!

    You have more than 200 followers on Pinterest?! Cool! How many do I have…? Okay, a little less than 300, but you know why?
    That’s the ONLY reason.

    I think Nancy would <3 your red pants.

    I love Rukia and Ichigo’s relationship. It’s like the perfect YA relationship because they love each other and they’re equal partners in their relationship. Ichigo may be stronger than Rukia as far as spiritual pressure, but she’s got experience and knowledge of…the magic stuff they do. And it’s nice. But sad in some places.

    Strider says, “Time for CUDDLES!!!”
    It’s a sign of the cat-pocalypse.

    Mighty is so cute in that picture!

    You have great taste in necklaces. I couldn’t pull of a statement necklace; I like my quiet, simple pendants. Like my key. But you totally rock them.

    Did I hit a major achievement? I’ve held a job for more than a week and am actually excelling. This almost NEVER happens!