Friday, February 28, 2014

Monthly Favorites ~February 2014~

Hey guys!

Wow, February is officially over and March, the month of my birthday, is upon us!

Lots of amazing things happened this month. I finished my novel on February 13th, and as of today, all chapters except the prologues are officially offline. I will be publishing it this year, whether that's through a publishing company or through Create-A-Space/ It's coming out this year (or when the publishing company's ready), so be prepared!

I'm also going to be starting a YouTube channel. Well, I've had one since 2006, but I'm actually going to start making videos, starting later today! I'll post about each video I upload, never fear! You'll finally get to see me freak out over books and stories and rant about dumb authors. Okay, getting a little too excited here. I'll save it for later!

BUT! Enough about the future! Time for a look back!


Okay, not. Not yet!

House of Hades by Rick Riordan
Rick Riordan has done it again. Another beautiful masterpiece has been unleashed upon us.
Okay, getting a little cheesy here...
Regardless, this book is amazing. Seriously amazing. And I will expand upon that in the video review I plan on doing! :)


Sherlock Season 3
I think I labeled the season finale for season 2 last month, but this season BEATS THAT! By like, a LOT! I've yet to see the season's final episode, but so far I've been blown away. Love this to pieces!!!


Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Sea of Monsters
I know a lot of people don't like this movie, but why? I don't get it. My dad, who loathed the first one likes this one! It's really well done. I do miss Percy turning into a guinea pig, but I think it flows well. Super fan, right here!


Okay, I've got three this time.

First up is from the BookTuber (no, I didn't type that wrong) PolandBananasBooks, who I'll discuss more in a second. This perfectly explains my frustration with Barnes and Nobel, and the fact that Borders--my favorite place in the world--went out of business.
Also, check out her video about Book Scoffers, which I totally get too!

This next video is incredibly inspiring. It's why I decided to do the YouTube/BookTube channel now. It's called #GirlsCan: Women Empowerment. If you're a girl, or a dad, or just curious, you MUST watch this video! Totally showing my girlfriends this today!

Last but not least is a hilarious sketch from Facebook. As such, I can't embed it and put it up here, but I can give you the link. You've got to see this. I found it hilarious and was almost crying at the end! XD


This girl is super funny. She got me into "BookTube", YouTube channels all about books. She's so hilarious! There's a reason I posted not one, but two of her videos this month! I've been watching her non-stop since I found her by sheer accident. A very happy accident!


To be honest I've been listening to all my favs from last month, but I did find some new ones that I've put into the mix all month long!

Christina Perri - I Don't Want to Break
This image is from the lyric video, FYI. This video is as raw and honest as the rest of Ms Perri's videos. Love it!

Amy and Ellen - Glitter Stained Dress
(No, I couldn't find a bigger image)
These girls are just 16, have been making videos for years, and now released this beautiful song! I love it to death, and have been playing over and over again!

Family Force 5 - Cray Button

This song is super catchy, upbeat, and been in my head since I first heard it. Never heard of these guys, but this song is so addicting! Had to add it in!


And to finish things off, this had me rolling with laughter for a long time after I first saw this. Seriously, funniest gif EVER! LOL!!!

So that was my February!

Do anything amazing? Surprise yourself? Find something inspirational? Let me know!
(I know this is going to mess up, but whatevs)
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  1. You finished Warrior! OMG!!! CONGRATS for like, totally reals!

    I’m actually really excited about your Youtube channel. I mean with the books.

    Yes, my favorite! Warrior is my favorite! SO THERE!!

    “Another beautiful masterpiece has been unleashed upon us…”
    Apparently you really liked this book.


    Sea of Monsters was great. Tyson is still my favorite. I wish we could’ve seen Poseidon again, had a Percy/Poseidon son/father moment, but that wasn’t in the book, and…yeah.
    My only complaint: Percy when he told Luke not to be so angry. When he said that, I was like, “That is NOT what Hermes said! And…and now you’ve just made Luke even more determined to be evil. Boo.”

    I love the Book Buyers’ Rant vid! And the other one about Book Scoffers. Ugh…I hate when people do that. That was my life in high school…

    Huh. I’ve never heard that girls can’t do things. I’ve been told *I* can’t do things because I’m *me,” but never because I was a girl. And I’ve never felt that way about anything I wanted. Especially about writing. Most of the authors I loved were women (like Caroline Keene, Laura Ingalls, Tamora Pierce) or the main characters were women.

    OMG I was watching the dentist thing like, “Da frack?” But it just kept getting funnier…

    PolandBananasBooks is hilarious. I love her officially now.

    Listening to I Don’t Want to Break with you right now! Totally makes me think of Thea/Loki and Dylan/Nuada. And Alyssa/Jack too.

    Listened to Glitter Stained Dress last time I was here, and I liked it a lot.

    What is Family Force 5 – Cray Button? We will listen after this. 

    OMG that GIF is AWESOME!!!!!
    Jack! Jack, I’m flying!

    Did I do anything amazing? I started a new book. Found a bunch of new books I liked. Watched most of the stuff on this blog post. Lol!