Monday, December 15, 2014

My Weeks in Pics ~12/1 - 12/14~

So I found that I have a TON of pics to share, so let's get started with what I've done the first half of this month! :)

I managed to read over 100 books this year! For a while I thought I'd only read about 50 books and call myself awesome. Instead I'm at 110 :)
For more details check out my post about it and how amazing it felt reaching that goal HERE.

My brother was nice enough to take me pretty early to the doctor for a normal bloodtest (I do NOT do well with blood tests, they freak me out so I've passed out and thrown up and stuff, so not driving helps me relax a LOT). We were both surprised by a friend wanting to hang out after we had breakfast. I got to play with a rare breed of cat, and not just one, but four Japanese Bobtail kittens! They were so cute! Then we saw Guardians of the Galaxy just before it left the theaters. It is SO GOOD! Hilarious and ton fun, but also had me crying in the first 5 minutes! Well done, Marvel. :D

Taylor Davis is a new YouTuber that I discovered, who did a few covers for the Legend of Zelda, which were really awesome, and then I discovered she did a WHOLE ALBUM! I was sad that I couldn't hear it, but it's on Spotify! And it's awesome. What made it even more awesome is she saw my random tweet, favorited it, and then replied! :D

In case you guys don't know, I am one of two teachers that teach the four turning five year olds for my ward at church. They're all a tad crazy, and whether we have 5 or all 14 of them, it's always an adventure :D. But one of them is really a sweetheart, and he always gives me a big hug if he sees me outside of church. So he wanted to give me some cookies he and his family made! They were peppermint white chocolate chip and they were DELICIOUS! XD

Mighty loves my bed. Especially when I forget to make it, getting his desert-filled fur all over my pillow and giving me allergies. -_-'

Peter Hollens, an awesome YouTuber was trending on Facebook for DAYS because he's so amazing! :D

My Tumblr name that I didn't get to choose (gah) is llobrien13, and I've recently become part of Booklr (which is why I'm doing the Book Photo Challenge for December from Books and Cupcakes). Someone I just started following, Books and Cookies (not to be confused with the last Booklr I mentioned, they're different people), is a singer! And she's REALLY GOOD. Not like, "not bad" but like, "OMG SHE'S AWESOME" that kind of good! I'm glad she saw me reblog that song she did, cuz it's true. :)

Another movie I saw recently in theaters was Big Hero 6. And Disney is stepping up their game! It's SO GOOD. I loved it! You've got to see it, whether it's from the library for free or in theater like me, you need to!

Another shot of Mighty on my bed, but not a lighthearted one. Mighty got in a fight and lost against a cat bigger than him (surprising cuz he's a BIG cat) and got his nose and eye clawed up. His eye's pretty much fine (he can see out of it and the line isn't white, meaning it's not a scar, just healing up), but his nose looks awful, mostly cuz he kept rubbing it and smeared a huge glob blood that's dried there. But he was really not okay that night, though he's rather mad at us for not letting him out for very long all weekend. He's okay, just bloodied up.

Rather a large amount of pictures for just two weeks! I'll probably have a LOT more coming, cuz I'm gonna be decorating and got some fun plans for the holidays. Hope you and your pets are doing great!

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