Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Monthly Favorites ~December 2014~

Hey guys, I'm doing my last monthly favorites of this year, and tomorrow I'll post my yearly favorites (if I remember and have the time, it might be 2 hours into next year). Anywho, onto my favs!


Insurgent and Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Due to the release of the Insurgent Trailer (watch my reaction HERE) I zipped through both Insurgent and Allegiant. I adored them both and found them surprising favs since SO many people don't like one or both of these.
Watch my Insurgent Review HERE, and stay tuned for Allegiant!

Cress by Marissa Meyer

Cress is the third and latest of The Lunar Chronicles, and it's the best so far. It was a tad slow at the beginning, but LOVED it when I got through the slow part. Stay tuned on my YouTube Channel for the full review coming soon.


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING!!! I love it Love It LOVE IT!!!!!!! Doesn't really top the second one, but I think it's a better wrap up than The Return of the King, and it's just so well done! It made me tear up and ripped my heart out over and over. So sad, so beautiful and SO AWESOME!!!!!
Look for a full review on my channel coming soon! (I took two weeks off, and I'm still battling an illness)


Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Home for the Holidays
The Christmas Special

I really loved this episode because we really realize this is indeed a sequel series to Boy Meets World. They really show the parallels, and show what's been happening with Cory's family, as well as Shawn, my fav character in the original. It also sets up the rest of the series for a huge amount of growth for all the characters, and I can't wait for it to continue after the first of the year.


LA Knight

Okay, this is kinda a selfplug here, because I'm mentioning my bestie, and not just that, but I edit practically all of her videos. I'm now in charge of this channel as well as my own, so PLEASE subscribe, though comments won't be answered by me, I'll be copying and pasting what LA sends me for that kind of thing. But editing and marketing is all me, so SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!!!


Okay, so they're not YouTubers, but because of their YouTube channel they're worldwide. I am mentioning them here not because of new content, but actually something really sad. Bom, the pretty red-head that's behind the "N", is being attacked by the South Korean media (yes, their K-Pop). She spent a lot of her life in the US before she signed onto YG when she was in early to mid-twenties. And as a kid she saw a child die, how or the circumstances aren't mentioned, but she did, and it gave her depression and anxiety and the like, so much so she needed some antidepressants. When she moved back to South Korea she was unaware her meds were illegal there, and had they shipped from the US via her aunt. Well, they of course caught them in customs and she had to explain to the police what she was doing trying to get them. Nothing illegal, though, as it was a prescription, so no charges were filed.
Well the media just discovered it 10 years later, and they've been haranguing her and lying about her being a drug dealer, so the point she's left the TV show she was on, and refused to play with her fellow members. This really hurts my heart, since she's just someone with depression trying to treat it. It's so messed up. If you saw their latest performance, the other three performed without her, and during Come Back Home, it sounded like they were singing to her to come back because they love her and they're behind her. So I'm pointing them out and asking ya'll if you don't want to subscribe to at least leave some love for Bom in the comments, so she knows worldwide she has support.


This is a new section because now I'm not just apart of BookTube, but Booklr, which is the book blogs on Tumblr. So here I'll feature someone I follow in this section!


Negative-Pessimist is someone I've really kinda latched onto. I think she thinks I don't like her and that I can't possible worry about her, but I do. A lot. Because she's awesome and suffers depression, so she really doesn't think highly of herself. But she's amazing, posts cool things, and champions others all the time, which makes me think she's better than me every day. So, Rae, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!


These two videos are linked together. The top one is a music video of the largest live nativity in history, and the bottom is from the group that put the music video on. Since this month was about Christmas, I wanted to share these two beautiful videos about the real gift of Christmas. :)

This video is another beautiful video from Michelle Phan, who likes to rip your heart out and make you bawl with feels. This is about how your dreams are valid and you need to take care of yourself and your dreams, combined with more of Michelle's amazing artwork. The feels, man. They're awesome.


1. Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor

Everytime I was going a little crazy with all the Christmas music I listened to this song. I always danced around to this song, I can't help it, it's too awesome!!!

2. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

So my dad has a tendency to play super religious Christmas music at the drop of a hat, and he really burned me out this year. So while there were a few that I adored hearing (see video fav #1 that's really the top song this month), I mostly turned to songs like this, and this being new, I adored it. Watch, next year I can't stand it. I'm weird that way. :)

3. Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time by Owl City

Another new, cute, random Christmas song I adored this month was this one by Owl City. It's really remarkable other than I kept it on repeat and loved it. :)

(they're kinda big)

(right click to open in a new tab so you can read it cuz you NEED to)
For those of you too lazy to read it, or want to know what it is, this is titled "Very Different Little Mermaid". Instead of her trying and failing to kill the prince and get him to marry her since they don't know each other, she takes a different path. Now, in the original (not Disney's) every step HURTS. It's like knives stabbing her feet. And in this, she instead chooses the pain and remains on the land she was dying to see, and decides to travel. It's sweet, wonderful, and ingenious. I love it.

Again, click to read. This is a powerful post I found last year, and decided to 1) reblog and 2) share here. It's a moving piece about the really meaning of Christmas with Scrooge McDuck. It's so awesome and I always cry reading it, just like Scrooge does. The final panel really shows how it's easy to judge, and you need to not.

Whew! That's my December Favorites! I need to work on my Year Favorites now, so stay tuned for that! And remember, I focus on books on my YouTube Channel, so check it and see what I got for Christmas, as well as my book favorites. I'm even going to do a Book Awards on my channel!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate, and a safe New Year!


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  1. So this won't be in order, but here goes.


    I loved the Nativity vid, and I love any video that shows Mary and baby Jesus cuz parental feels.

    I have no idea what those songs are...

    I will get through Allegiant this month. I hope. I'm not dragging my feet, I just need to finish my library books first.

    Loved the Girl Meets World Holiday Special because awesome!

    My feet are cold.

    I love you.


    PS - Go, Negative Pessimist!