Monday, June 11, 2012

The Writing World

Okay, I haven't done this since I've moved off of MySpace a couple years ago, but I really wanted to explain this. Now, I've written before about books that have been published, but needed extra editing. Now, some books, like the Chronicles of Narnia are good enough on something like, the plot, the morals behind it, the characterization, that things like, the voice and how the books reads, are okay with being really sucky! But, now-a-days, there are so many GREAT authors and writers that things like that should probably never happen.

One book that I really do like quite a lot is one of these. But it's lacking in several areas. This book is Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey. Now, I bought it for one reason, the main guy at the beginning is awesome. When he talks to the main character Jessica, he tells her something that EVERY teenage girl needs to know, as well as plenty of women. But the character's are really flawed, it's kinda cheesy in a LOT of points, important moments are glossed over, the voice is weak, and all around, it's a rather lame book. But the story could be a good one if taken to that level. Sadly, it's not.

So yeah, I recommend giving it a read, because it can be quite good if you ignore everything and let your imagination take you where the book should have gone.

But it's rather disappointing that something like this is published, with a sequel. I mean, L.A. Knight is a MILLION times better than most of the books that I pick up, and often those books are from people who've been writing for 10 years or more.

Just wanted to rant about this, and clear the air on my feelings for this book.


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