Friday, June 22, 2012

My week! 6/16/12 - 6/22/12


So Michelle Phan does this thing on her website every Friday where she shows pics of her week, then asks how our week went. And I decided why not? :)

So here's my week's pics (not very many, but I'm not very good with cameras):

Saturday I headed up to the Mesa Temple! On the way back we drove this insane sandstorm blanketing from the edge of Phoenix all the way to Picacho Peak!:

Monday I finally got the info I needed in order to finish Warrior: ch. 13 - Weapon, and I needed to do this first!:

Then Tuesday, I went to see John Carter again with my girls! Gave us all inspiration for our books!

Thursday, met up with my girls again to watch this:

(Yes, I'm a nerd)

And edit chapter 13 and this:

(My phone camera was the only one that could take this, and it sucks, sorry!)

Today, I chilled with my mom and brother, as well as be followed around by my manic cat who refused to let me out of his sight! He's so cute!:

That was my week!

How was yours?

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