Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Weeks in Pics ~12/16 - 12/31 2014~

Okay, I should've posted this a while ago, but I've been so busy with the holidays and everything. But I've got the time now, so here it is!

I've got quite a few pictures, so let's get started!

I went to my mom's work Christmas Party, where we all received these adorable lollipops, or a glitter picture frame ornament. The candy was delicious, and I'll be sure to add the ornament to the Christmas Tree next year!

I've reached over 500 followers on Pinterest! That's INSANE to me! Now, I do post on there all the time (just like Tumblr), but STILL! I haven't had more than 100 followers on social media since high school!!!! So big thanks to all of you guys! You're so sweet and awesome!

My mom got some GREAT news the day I reached 500, someone donated enough money for her to buy 4 kindles for her classroom! To try to battle the growing lack of reading, she wanted some to show her students it can be fun. I agree with it, and since she's close to retirement, when she does one comes to ME! XD (okay, the best part is the classroom but I gotta love the benefits!)

So for Tumblr I decided to try to take some pics of my cats by books. Mighty was the only one sleeping, and so it was easy to pose him next to Ichigo--who's just a grumpy as he is sometimes, which is all a front for a sweet person, who happens to be badass. Although he did give me a wicked glare right after for waking him up. :)

I couldn't even get close to Angel, so I cornered Strider, who's terribly afraid of the camera. The results are hilarious. The first image, he looks like I'm attempting to murder him instead of just take a picture. Eventually he became afraid of not just the camera, but the book too. So in each photo he gets further and further away. He's too funny! So now he's afraid of cameras AND books. LOL! Aw, my poor little chicken butt!! :)

I found this gem from the amazing negative-pessimist, who probably reblogged it for herself as well as others, but I felt the need to share it. I know I'm not the only one struggling with mental illness and addictions, and this is incredibly encouraging for those of us trying to find meaning everyday, and wanted to share it on Tumblr, Pinterest, as well as here. So long as you keep trying, keep taking steps forward, you're doing great. Always.

This last one is a little small, so make sure to expand so you can see what I'm talking about. This is the top of mangahere.co, which I was on for New Year's Eve (yeah, I'm that boring). It was then that I noticed the top wasn't the normal, boring blue and white, but had SNOW! It looks really cute, and I had to share!

Okay, so it wasn't as long as I expected, but that's what I was up to! Nothing of Christmas, since I wanted to just spend it with my family and friends, not pull out a camera. I hope you guys had a great December, and that this new year will be wonderful for you!

Good Luck! :)

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