Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Monthly Favorites ~January 2015~

I'm sorry I kinda abandoned this blog again last month! I got really, REALLY sick for a bit there, and was busy with things after, but still, not much of an excuse...

Anywho, I did find time to read and do other things, so here's what I ended up loving last month!


Batman ETERNAL Vol 1 by Scott Snyder and Various Others

This really set the tone for the year, as Scott Snyder returns to Batman...and tops himself. This lovely mix of confusion has you sitting on the edge of your set, turning all 400+ pages quickly, eager to figure out what's going on. And you're left wondering. I adore this volume and can't wait to read volume two! Warning, though, this takes place after Nightwing 5, so if you haven't read that far, you need to wait.

Legend by Marie Lu

I had heard only good things when I got a discount at, and decided to purchase this. And I'm glad I did! Legend is a dystopian where America is split in half, with the Republic on the West Coast, and the East Coast known as the colonies. In the Republic all children must take this test, and if you fail, you die. Day failed. June is the only person in history to get a perfect score. And then the two of them are pitted against each other. It's a little predictable but I still loved it. 4/5 stars from me!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

There is a LOT of bad rap about this movie, but I found it to be completely wrong. Is it as good as the original? No, nothing released about TMNT comes close to the original. Is it as bad number 2, though? Not even close!!! I found it as enjoyable as the third movie, which was pretty good in my opinion. There are tons and tons of movies that are worse, and even in TMNT, it isn't that bad. The main thing I look for is whether the characters are on point, and whether the plot isn't too fake. The characters are on point, the plot is no more fake than the first one, it's not bad!


K.C. Undercover

This is Disney's newest show, starring Zendaya. I found it fun, funny, and quite good, for a Disney show. We have a female teenage spy trying to figure out her life as well as now working for the government underneath her parents. There's only 2 episodes out so far, but I thought it clever. I'm looking forward to more.


Only 1 video made my favorites this month, and that was this uplifting video about amazing and awesome people who were labeled a failure at one point or another. As someone who feels like their life isn't going anywhere (and is often reminded of said fact) this is really uplifting.


Books and Cookies Booktalk
Books and Cookies is a Romanian Booklr that just decided to start a channel. Already her content is amazing and she's a blast to watch, so make sure to check her out!


Newt is a a sweetheart booklover that I consider someone I trust (and since it's online, that's saying something). She smart, sweet, and has fun content. It was a no-brainer to let you guys know about how amazing she is, and all the wonderful posts she comes up with or reblogs!


1. Invincible by Our Last Night
I just stumbled upon this song by Our Last Night while playing them for my day. While they're known for taking upbeat pop songs and turning them into hard rock, they have quite a few original albums that are worth checking out. Since I've heard it, I can't stop playing it. And when it comes on, I have to rock out, even while sick.
Also you guys should check out their cover of Blank Space originally by Taylor Swift, it's hilarious!

2. It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion
I've loved this song since high school (which is a while in case you guys don't know), and just this past month finally found it on CD. I have to admit, I only got the CD for this song, and I think it was worth it! I've played this song all month since, and even now keep playing it!

3. Reminders by Paige Chaplin
I found out about this song thanks to WhittyNovels playing a cover of it HERE. Her cover's quite good, so check it out, then check out the original! Like Whitney, I was addicted to it the second I heard it, and I have no clue why people haven't heard of it, it's just so well done! And since it's folk, that's saying something, because as a whole I'm not a fan of that genre!

That's everything I loved last month! I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I promise to be better at posting!


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