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Monthly Favorites ~April 2015~

Hey guys!

Sorry for randomly disappearing, but I GOT A JOB! I've been busy trying to get one. I start training soon!

What that means for this blog: nothing. Not really. I will continue to post, just early in the morning, or really late at night instead of my usual evenings-the middle of the night. As for my YouTube Channel...I have no clue! Stay tuned on that aspect! Tumblr will continue, just much slower, as I'm allowed to be on Tumblr at work, just not during training (I think), and of course only in my down time.

But this isn't just an update post, it's a monthly favorites! Lets talk about what dominated my life in April!

Also make sure to check out my YouTube Channel for my monthly wrap up where I talk about the books I read, as well as little reviews for each!


Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce
I love this book, and it definitely has to be the best book of the month!!! Battle Magic is the latest book by Tamora, and it's the latest installment in her Emelan Universe. I just adored it, and WANT IT SO BAD! IT'S SO PRETTY TOO!!!

Injustice: Gods Among Us volumes 1 and 2 by Tom Taylor and Various

This comic is SICK! It's dark and twisted and hard to read and yet I can't put it down. I wanted to talk about it with my girl Ray, and I kept reading it instead until she took it away. :) Yeah, I'm that crazy. And it's that addicting.
This is based on a game, so no worries, totally not canon. But So good. Can't wait to read volumes 3 and 4! (Just got 3 yesterday!)


Muppets Most Wanted

OMG. THIS. MOVIE. IS. AWESOME. It's The Muppets at their best, mocking themselves, Disney, themselves, and their stupidity. Did I mention themselves? I think this is the best movie yet, and there wasn't a single moment I cringed at the stupid humor. Instead every time it almost got that bad, one of the other characters mocked them, making it even funnier! I can't express how much I loved this movie! I'm dying to get my hands on it, and ended up watching it something like 4 or 5 times before I returned it to Netflix!

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

I never wanted to see this movie. I swore it off when it came out, firm that the mini series would be better. And yes, the mini series had moments I adore that just weren't here, and some scenes are better in that version. But this is very different, and very well done. I love it. Seriously, I can't believe I waited 10 whole years before I finally sat down and watched it. It's great, amazing, love it, need it. ><


Kim Possible

I loved this show when it aired, and missed it once Disney finally dropped it. And then, I found it online, from, the whole thing, for FREE! YES! So when I got down in March and April, I watched it. So glad I can see the whole thing all over again for the first time since middle school!!!


This first video portrays that famous scene in Matilda, where the library becomes the thing that molds the amazing girl with powers and a big heart. The passage is a favorite for all book lovers, myself included. I remember reading it only a few years older than Matilda herself, and realized that just like her, books were my release. I love this video and think it captures perfectly how this one passage resonates with thousands all over the world.

Video 2 is sillier, showing how book lovers just want to read! All the time! Even when we don't and shouldn't!
NOTE: A lot of people were angry and worried that Tilly Books really was driving and reading at the same time. She wasn't. She doesn't. She never has. DON'T DO THAT.
Okay, so relax and enjoy the hilarity, especially of how sometimes you have more than one copy of a book, and how sometimes the only way to get a book lover to do something is to take away their books. My parents had to do it all the time, especially with Harry Potter.


Promise Tamang Phan
YouTube Channel

I'm not sure if I've mentioned Promise before, as the amazing transforming makeup artist that can make herself look like ANYONE EVER. Seriously, it's amazing! She's shown me that makeup can make you look like anything!
But this past month, in fact just this past Sunday, her home country of Nepal was hit by a devastating earthquake that killed 5000+ people, injured thousands more, and leveled hundreds of small villages. The country is one of the poorest in the world, and with corrupt government officials, it's unclear of whether relief funds will actually reach the people.
So Promise is working with her parents who are still in Nepal (they're safe, thank goodness! Her whole family is fine, the city they were in wasn't hit too bad, not compared to the capital and especially the villages) to get relief there. The money is going to THEM to rebuild hundreds of homes as entire villages were just flattened. Those not dead or injured are homeless, with heavy rain falling. They've already started with buying and setting up tents, medical supplies as the whole nation is low now, food, clothes, and blankets.
This is legit, her parents are missionaries who have a network to help the villages near their city, so this is personal. They are really there helping those in need. And with the reports her parents are giving her, it's worse off than the media is portraying.
HERE is where you can donate, the goal is $100,000, and their already close! I personally can't donate, but if you can, just $1 is 100 rupees in Nepal! The average meal is about 7 cents!


(I couldn't find a good picture so this is a combo of her Goodreads Icon and her Tumblr Icon)
Marie is awesome. She's like much of booklr, on top of current events, loves books, and not afraid to state her opinions. We disagree with a lot, and yet I hope she respects me as much as I respect her. She's awesome and if you're not following her, why not? Also, if you don't want to see the more adult side of Tumblr, she tags all her nude pics with NSFW (not safe for work) so you can block it easily. :)


Catch Me If You Can by Girls' Generation
Music Video
I had a lot of music I loved this past month, so it was hard to choose, but this was definitely my favorite! I love the music video, even if I'm still sad Jessica was removed from the group. I think they're doing well, and I think this song was a great come back of "I'm still on top, so catch me if you can!"

Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet
Music Video
Yes, another K Pop song. :) Another group with another change, this is the first song released with the new fifth member. I wasn't sure I'd like the song, but it got stuck in my head, and I'm listening to it right now. So yes, it's definitely number 2!

I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen
Music Video
This is another song that won me over by the music video. Carly Rae Jepsen is the queen of catchy song, after Call Me Maybe. But she's certainly no one hit wonder. This song is almost as catchy, just as fun, and the video with Tom Hanks!?! Yes. Just yes. I had to listen to it over and over, and I can see Tom Hanks mouthing along, dancing in the street or brushing his teeth.
And yes, I just ignore Justin Bieber. -_-'

Honorable Mention: One Last Time by Ariana Grande
Music Video
Ariana Grande won me over in her stint on Victorious with her voice. I wanted more of her singing and now she's got a second album out! I don't like all the songs, but I really fell in love with first the music video, and then the song itself. I just love the idea of these two lovers finding peace in seeing their imminent destruction, and in each other despite it. And so I keep listening to the song, seeing that last moment of them holding each other as the world ends.


Twilight in Hyrule Eyeshadows by Dusk Cosmetics
Etsy Store
So I asked my brother to order these in March for my birthday, and while I haven't used all of them, what I tried I loved, and the packaging itself is enough for me to want them. I used the light purple in the bottom row, second jar from the left, Zant Purple. First of all, it's really easy to use. Keep in mind that it IS a loose eye shadow pigment, so it can get everywhere if you're not careful, but I haven't spilled anything yet (emphasis on YET). I heard you should always use a brush (not a sponge applicator) with some sort of setting spray to make it adhere better. I actually found it easy to use with or without the setting spray, but agree that the sponge applicator might make things messy. It was well pigmented, though it these are all glittery, so I wouldn't just slap it on my lids. I used matte and shimmery shadows beneath it, but thought it added a lovely pop to my eyes. I just adore it!
So: easy to work with, pigmented wet or dry, and stayed in place easily!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Now, this may be why I had no problems with the shadow sliding (though I've had problems with other shadows beneath my eyes, and that didn't slide, but anyway). This is easily the best primer I've ever worked with. Didn't burn my eyes at all (YAY!!!), was great at keeping all my shadows in place (except this free one I got), no creasing. I was so relieved when I'd worn makeup while sweating, and this thing kept my eyeshadows in place! And I have some super greasy lids, so this is just a miracle worker! I got it on sale at half price (a STEAL for Urban Decay, which is a high end brand, with prices to match) so I'm a little mad at myself I didn't get a second one. But, a tiny bit goes a LONG way, so hopefully this will last until another great sale!

That was what I loved last month! I meant to mention the Primer Potion last month, but forgot. Regardless, I love all of these! And I really had trouble picking just 4 out of the 7 or so songs I've been obsessed with!

What new find rocked your work? Did a song get stuck in your head, or did a music video keep you coming back to watch it again and again? Let me know!

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