Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Weeks in Pics ~4/1 - 4/10~

I've been a lot better at taking pictures this month, so I have to break this post into multiple. Just in the first 10 days I took quite a few!

So here's what I was up to!

The month kicked off with me getting really sick, and these were all the pills I had to take, just at night, to survive. It was brutal! Luckily my morning meds weren't so numerous.

These are the two kitties that I sometimes help out at my maid job! I play with them or brush them, and always get their fur out of everything! Mac is the top one (and was very curious as to what my cell phone was) and Dora is the bottom one. Mac is wild and crazy, Dori is shy and sweet. Both are adorable!

So I've been bad about checking my email, and discovered that I got a lot of email birthday wishes, including this one I missed until the beginning of this month. I thought this one from Funimation was cute.

I am apart of the Kellogg's family, meaning I rack up points and get music for free! (Or mostly free) I've been getting the different tracks of Skillet's album Rise, which I think is their best yet! 

The gift I got from my brother was this Twilight Princess inspired makeup from Dusk Cosmetics. Yes, they are that pretty, and even more so. I've used the light purple and so far it's been fantastic! You can use them dry or wet (meaning your brush/sponge applicator is wet with setting spray) and both time it's beautiful! I found applied the color rather sheer, as they are all VERY glittery, but just beautiful! Plus, the two little bags are sample sizes of two more eyeshadows that were a free bonus! I just love them, and the stickers on the bottoms are gorgeous!
You can check out her store on Etsy HERE

The same day those came in, I hit 300 followers on my Tumblr! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! I'm so thrilled anyone follows me! If you want to see my full thank you, check out this post here!

So that's what I was doing at the beginning of the month! I hope you enjoyed this!

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