Friday, February 15, 2013

My Week in Photos ~2/9 - 2/15~

Hey ya'll!

Whoo! I've had a crazy, amazing, fun week! Went to the Holodome and Gem Mall at the Tucson AZ Gem and Mineral Show, the largest of it's kind in the whole world! And it snowed. Twice. Not to mention Valentine's Day, and the regular stuff! So, as you can see, I've got quite a bit of photos! So bear with me and enjoy the ride!

Before meeting up with my family for a great day of shopping, it snowed! In Southern Arizona! Pretty crazy!
This was the crew for the first day of Gem Show shopping! Lots of my cousins and my girls met up!
(Left to Right: Megan, Me, Ray, Sarah, Nicole, Jennifer, Jordan and below is Danielle and Erin)
I got this ring for only $8! At the mall with would be $30, on sale!
This is everything I got that day!
This cute watch reminded me of Michelle Phan!
This is Strider's favorite pose. Sleeping with his head down and the rest of of his body in a different pose! I've been dying to get this shot, but he always woke up and moved before I could!
My look on Sunday with my studded headband and statement necklace!
Picked up this little haul the next day. The necklaces were $1 and the watch was $2
Also got these rings! The big one was $1 and the other two were about $3.30! What a deal!
When we left the Gem Show, it was poring rain...until we got home. There, it was snowing again! This time it's stuck. There's still parts of the neighborhood that still has some on the ground!
I'm officially a fashionista! I bought my first Vogue!
One of my mom's students gave her this yesterday! Isn't it so cute? Me and Megan split it!
But we let Megan have these! Aren't they adorable?
That was my week! I hope yours was as fun and exciting, and a late Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!!

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  1. That is a LOT of snow...

    I actually look ok in that picture.

    Awwww, Strider sooooo cuuuuuute!!!

    I wish you'd given me one of those cupcakes... =( But is okay, I got a bite.

    I LOVE your cameo ring. It's soooo pretty. And it looks better than a black-and-white cameo because of the blue, IMO.

    You look great in that picture from Sunday!


    Oh, and Lia Habel read my review of her book!! Dearly, Departed. She said it totally brightened her day. =D