Friday, February 22, 2013

My Week Pics ~2/16 - 2/22~

Hey ya'll!

Sorry for uploading late, I was busy redecorating my room! Let me know below if you want pics!

This week was pretty fun. The best moment, I don't have a pic for, because it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I'll explain below!

It snowed. AGAIN! The big storm hitting the central states? Yeah, hit here first!
Look how deep it got! It was a blizzard warning!
When I took these, I wanted to run around in the snow, but there was no one to with me, so I got lonely and bored pretty fast. When my brother got off work, he didn't want to do much, but just before we last all daylight, he decided to throw a snowball at Mighty. Then we had a snowball fight. A little one, but it was the best thing this week so far!
LA Knight got these for me! I seriously couldn't remember the name and called them Tangeloes all week, lol!
Homemade subs for the win! OMG, it was SO GOOD! <3
I wait a couple of hours to go online, and this is what greets me...OMG, I can't stay away from the online world for a day without hours and hours of stuff backing up...
I have no life
So that was my week!
Did you have any fun in the snow, or did you miss out?

1 comment:

  1. Of course we want pics! Are you crazy?!?! Unless there's a safety reason why you shouldn't post them. =)

    SNOW IN SUMMER!!! Well, snow in Arizona. Snow in Summer is a short story, a modern adaptation of Snow White, by Jane Yolen. But anywho, OMG, SNOW!!!

    HAHAHAHA!!! Snowball at the Mighty Not-So-Much-a-Midget-Anymore, lol!! And yay, snowball fight. Bet that was fun. I stuck my hand out to catch the snow, but I got cold too quickly to wanna do anything in it.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your tangeloes, lol. =D

    Oooh, that sandwich looks kinda yummy, even with all the green. Maybe I'll have one (hold ze pickle, lol!

    You do SO have a my slave. It's a good life, I think. Don't you agree? =D