Monday, March 31, 2014

Monthly Favorites ~March 2014~

Hey guys!

So this past has been alright. Not the best, since I haven't seen Ray once this month, but it was alright. I also celebrated my birthday last week, which meant I got Lindsey Stirling tickets for her show here in town in May, and a cd! :)

But here's my favorites of the month!


Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

I know, I know. I talk about this a LOT. But it's my fav manga since Fullmetal Alchemist finished. This one's finished as well, and I read the last chapter this past week. AMAZING! So well done! If you like manga, supernatural kind, you'll love this!


This little show is StarCrafts, a mock show of the StarCraft games from Blizzard. They take the super ugly monsters and make them cute. They've even taken the newest trailer for Diablo and redid it, as well as an awesome opening for StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm and made it all cute and funny. It's adorable and each episode is only about 1 minute long! :)


This month I have 3!

Warm Bodies

I haven't read the book (LA said it was gorier than the movie and would freak me out), but this is pretty awesome! Love it and want to own it!

Jack the Giant Slayer

This was a bit of a surprise. It was a little predictable, but there were still plot twists that were nice. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so good!

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Dude. My brother has been raving about how amazing this movie is, and he was SO right! Absolutely brilliant! Totally messed up, and there was one squicky moment of gore, but it was just one shot and then it was done. Totally loved it!


First up is the funny one. Have you ever done this? I do it all the time! Recently I've been doing it to Korean or Japanese Pop. What can I say? I love the stuff!

This is a hero, right here. This lady has cerebral palsy and has refused to let it ruin her life. She's done so much and is hilarious to boot! You've got to see this!


Little Book Owl

This booktuber is funny, witty and awesome to watch. She's honest with her opinions and talks about books I've never heard of. And it's just awesome to watch her admit she has a book buying problem. :)

 I stumbled across Kimberley after watching Little Book Owl's latest vid. She had invented her own tag, which I will be doing very soon! Love her! You really should watch and subscribe, she's got less than 300 viewers!


2NE1 Album - Crush

For my birthday, my awesome bro let me have the last two tacos from my celebration dinner, and bought me 2NE1's Crush, as well as the last 4 singles from them that weren't included (why?). I've been listening to it non-stop since (although after listening to it 3 times today, I'm taking a break right now). Absolutely love it! Thanks Dude! <3 p="">

Linkin Park X Steve Aoki - A Light that Never Comes

My bro had this on his old comp, my new comp. I've loved it ever since I heard it, and lately can't get it out of my head!


AKB48 has been a favorite of mine these past few months. But other than River, none of their songs have stood out to me at all! Until UZA! I *totally* do NOT agree with the message--the girl of the song is seducing a guy and telling him to ignore the fact he has a girlfriend--but it's so ADDICTING! Kinda like Creep by TLC. Don't agree, but it's in my head! The video's pretty awesome, and the music's so catchy...I can't help it! I say you watch and listen, but DON'T follow the advice! They dress like...demon women anyway (not sexually, just...demon women or something).


Have you guys seen my first video ever? The lighting's bad (I remembered what was wrong, I kept the shade on when I wasn't supposed to), but I've been told it's fine! It's my announcement that I'll be joining #AYEARATHON and will read and bunch of books all at once for a week. April 7-13 I'll be re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia. If I finish them before the end of the week, I'll start something else.

Alright! That was my favs!

Please check out my video! I'll be uploading a book review this coming Friday too!

<3 p="">

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  1. Yes, you talk about Nura all the time - but that's okay! You love it. And the guys on the covers are usually hot, too.

    OMG the little animated Zerg is TOTES ADORBZ!!!
    Yeah, I just said that. *sigh*
    But it is!
    And I love Starcraft. When I was little, I wanted to be as pretty as Sara Kerrigan (post-Zergification).

    I WANT TO OWN!!!
    Why am I shouting? Because it's AWESOME!
    I expected it to be okay, but it was MORE than okay! And R is kind of hot, especially for a dead guy.

    I will see Jack the Giant Slayer...eventually.

    When you say "totally messed up," do you just mean twisted and sad and tragic and beautiful, or like, it made no sense messed up? Just want to be clear.

    I don't know if I've ever done what Banana (I'm just going to call her Banana) is doing in that vid because I can't watch it at work! Waaahhhh!

    I will watch these videos on Saturday at your house!

    Although the lady with cerebral palsy makes me think of Josh Blue, I think his name is. He's a comedian with cerebral palsy and he is FUNNY! And he doesn't cuss that much or get too dirty, either. At least in his first two shows that I saw.

    We will also check out Little Book Owl on Saturday!

    What is the Book Buying Tag?

    I looked up the lyrics to the Linkin Park song; I want to hear it now. I don't want to hear the 2NE1 song because then I'll have Korean stuck in my head! (O.O) *i am a scared panda*

    Same thing with AKB48! Catchy music stuck in head is eeeevil!!!

    I checked out some of the #AYearAThon books and was like...meh. I will cheer for you, though!

    I am *still* working on House of Hades but I *promise* I will get it done. It's because moving week is here and we had stuff with the new apartment and the ObamaCare thing (still not done with either) and Karl needed new shoes and I've been working (I now work more than Karl) and just...blah. But I will get it done!

    So...yeah. :)

    Love you!