Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Week in Pics ~3/12 - 3/22~

Hey guys!

I've been really good with pictures, so I actually have so many! So let's get started!

In case you didn't check this completely out, this stands for Love146. Learn more here:

Had to send this to the amazing Demi Lovato. So true.

Couldn't find Mighty...he was under my bed. Like this. LOL!

I *FINALLY* finished Alta by Mercedes Lackey. It's book two of the Joust series. It's really good, though it took me forever to be sucked into it. I'm planning on doing a BookTube Review on it. Let me know if you'd watch!

Peter Hollens posted this cute video, and replied to my comment! You've got to see it. Check it here:

No, these are not rolls. My mom made RUNZAS! Stuffed rolls, with ground beef and cabbage! So delicious! This was one of TWO batches she did, and we have some meat left over for more! ;)

Angel was being randomly adorable! (sorry for the blur, she'd be running if I tried the flash!)

My dad has the latter half of this week off like my mom (who's a teacher on spring break). Strider wasn't used to him occupying their chair so late into the night and was begging and begging for the chair. He's scared of the camera, that's why he looks nervous, but he refused to move from the spot by my dad, lol!

Found an awesome Pinterest board for FMA, so of course I had to rewatch both series (never saw all of the first one, they didn't do so many reruns back then and I missed the middle). This dude was a side character in ep 3 or 4 of the original...he never blinked. Not once! O.O'

Had my first churro in over TEN YEARS. Oh man, it was so good!

We FINALLY got this! I love it, and don't know why it didn't do well! Sad they aren't gonna do the other four! :(

Found this quote on tumblr. Oh man, so beautiful and true! <3 p="">

Today I also finished Nevermore, Ray's fav novel of all time. It's definitely NOT a fav, but it is good. I'll read book 2 before I decide if I want to own this. It's good, but not that good, not by itself. I'll definitely be doing a video review about it, though!

That was my past (just over) a week! I went out of town, read a bunch, and wrote a little.

What'd you guys do?

<3 p="">

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  1. I'm actually commenting relatively on time for once, as I am between calls at the watch me get a call...

    (I got a call right after I said that...)

    Ack! I forgot to watch the video!
    How about I watch it at your house on Saturday?
    Btw, you don't have to pick us up from the apartment, we need to get picked up from my mom's house, because my Mom has to sign me up for the Obama Care thing on Saturday and that's going to take some time. So our day will be cut a little short. We'll probably need to get picked up at around 12 or 1. -_-; boo...

    I think I would like to meet Demi Lovato. I don't say that about many celebrities, but I think I would like to meet her.
    Is she younger or older than us? I can't remember...

    Mighty is special. And fuzzy. I loves him.

    I sped through a reread of Joust and then hurtled through Alta and Sanctuary super fast because...I forget why. I just powered through them. Then I dragged my feet on Aerie, the last book, because Aket Ten turned into a moron for the first 1/3 of the novel and NO ONE NOTICED!!! No one got hurt or anything, but she went from being cool and level-headed to being a radical feminist brat.

    Ooh! He replied? Cool! I remember when I found out he was following me on Twitter. That was weird...I still don't know why he's doing that...

    Gah! so evil...I'm 12 min away from my break to eat dinner. I'm sooo hungry!

    Awww! Angel so cuuute!

    And then there's Strider, who says, "My chair! I'm afraid! But my chair! be...a chicken!"

    Why does he never blink? O.o

    OMG I want one. Stop talking about food! *dies*

    Yeah, I have NO IDEA why Voyage didn't do well! It was aaawesooome!

    That is totally true, the quote about love. That's why I have characters like Dylan and Thea who look at the guys they love, realize they're totally flawed, but stick with them anyway. And Alyssa with Jack, though he's nowhere near as flawed as Nuada and Loki.

    You know I have more than one favorite novel of all time, right? Some of them, I just cannot choose! But yes, I love Nevermore so bad! For one thing, I can relate to Isobel a lot because of her brother (Blake could be just as annoying and just as surprisingly helpful without prompting) and because of her parents. And her interactions with Varen as they start getting to know each other, I like those. Esp. where he goes, "If you ever tell anyone I'm a natural blond, I will smote your everloving soul," and she has to stop herself from being like, "Oh, do you promise? Really?" Lol. And Gwen reminds me of me.

    Also, I like that Isobel has such low self-esteem, but that it's done in a very subtle way. The way I can tell is that she has this idea that people can't know she has vulnerabilities. I was a lot like that in school, only I went the Varen route, putting up spiky dark walls, instead of trying to pass off my life as being perfectly put together. But a lot of girls in school feel that kind of pressure to BE perfect these days, and I like that Isobel has to deal with that.

    What did I do? Start like, 6 new books and then decide to focus on Katschei and this other one about Japanese myths and the Snow Queen (it's a gift for my sister, she's been asking for this for years...) for now. And I went to work and helped finalize some plans on the new apartment (there was a mix-up with my "call to verify employment" numbers) and...I think that's about it. Oh, and I got addicted to a new game about cupcakes. *sigh*