Monday, April 7, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~3/23 - 4/5~

Hey guys!

Sorry! I know, I know! I totally keep forgetting to this blog post! I'm having trouble editing my book, writing other stuff, reading, filming and editing videos, AND to my blog, all while trying to live what I've got of a life! If you saw my latest video, you heard this weekend was General Conference, where all of our church leaders give talks for 2 hours at a time, twice a day for two days. That's a lot of talks. I love it, but it takes up a whole day, literally.

So, I'll try to keep these posts going, because I do enjoy doing them, but I also need to post a video once a week, and this week I'll be posting a video hopefully every day. I'll try to take pics, but no promises!

Anywho, onto the post!

This past week was my birthday!

We couldn't celebrate the day of my birthday, but the day of was institute! The teachers didn't know it was my birthday, but I got to take home a Iris Lily anyway! So beautiful, and it lasted the whole week, which was surprising, since they normally last less than 5 days.

It was my party, so I ate what I wanted to! Even straight cheese and tacos 3 at a time! YES!

This was my dessert! OMG, that ice cream was SO yummy! I had the first and last of it! Though anyone could have it in between! ^-^

My parent's birthday gift was tickets to Lindsey Stirling's performance here in town, but my brother was sweet enough to buy me 2NE1's latest album, Crush, as well as almost all of the singles they released before hand. Don't ask me why they're not on the album, they originally were supposed to be...

Several days later my dad took me to the mall for dinner, and let me run around. I picked up Bath and Body Work's Amber Blush lotion for free with a coupon, and this NYX Butter Lipstick. Love them both!

That was the past two weeks! This week should be awesome!

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