Friday, April 18, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~4/5 - 4/18~

Hey guys!

Sorry for not being consistant about posting on here! Trying to balance life with YouTube, writing, editing and here's a bit of a challenge, but I'm up for it! I promise to keep doing these posts since I'm new to the camera, and trying to vlog sounds...intimidating. I'll probably start soon, but not right now. Maybe next year, or around Christmas? Would you guys like that? Let me know!

Anywho, onto the pictures of the last two weeks! I was so busy during #AYearAThon's Reread-A-Thon that there isn't much pics around then, but I did take a few. And of course there's my videos! Check them out here:


For everyone's birthday (except mine) we went to Bookman's, a used bookstore chain here in AZ. Everyone had $20...except me. I had $5, counting my coupon. This was all the books we wanted, but couldn't get.

And as you can see, I had trouble putting these 3 books back! I could only get one. I knew immediately which one it was, but putting these back, some of which I've wanted for YEARS was SO hard! :(

Saturday was moving day for my best friend Ray. She has over 2000 books! 2000!!! That's CRAZY! It took all day and way into the night to get almost all of them on the shelves! We only did it because my sister Megan really hurt herself, and I needed to be doing something to keep from going nuts. I also hurt my leg, and Ray hurt both of hers doing all this! We're just really out of shape and now Ray and me are fine. Megan will be, she's got an immobilizer on and her leg's already feeling better.

Speaking of Ray, or by her pen name, LA Knight, she won a contest on Figment! Hers is all the way to right. It's based on an event that really happened to her on April Fools, and why she hates pranks. So do I.

And guess who was in my email from Stila? Ingrid! Missglamorazzi loves Stila, and so she got to model for them! :)

Saw Mighty walking along on the wall just outside of the computer room! Had to take a picture! :3

Also got a video up early this morning! These are the Top Ten Books that Made Me Cry! Please like, comment and subscribe!

That's the past two weeks in pics!

Heading to see Divergent this weekend (no I haven't read it yet, watching the movie to see if I'll like it or not). What are your plans?

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  1. So what's the difference between doing a video and doing a vlog?

    When I saw the pic of books we wanted but couldn't get, I heard you singing, "Don't you ever say, I just walked away! I will always want you!" LOL!

    You look so sad and cute in the bye-bye-books picture! :(

    They're ALL on the shelf now except manga, anthologies, and the remaining books that came in the mail AFTER Saturday. And the one that STILL hasn't come...where IS it?!?! >.<

    I won. Yes. Writing that was hard, especially because I had to write it at work (I'd almost completely forgotten about the contest until the 7th at like, 7:30pm and I was like, "I have to upload it tomorrow!" (because I can't upload stories to Figment at work.

    Oooh! That's cool about Ingrid!

    Is Mighty trying to step onto the trash can?

    Will watch your crying books vid tomorrow morning before you arrive!

    My plans? To see Divergent with you! :D