Friday, April 25, 2014

Top Ten Most Influential Books Tag (video)

Hey guys!

It's midnight, making it officially Friday! You know what that means? Yes, a week in pics blog (hopefully I'll have one up tomorrow. Why? You'll see :D ) BUT also a new video!

In fact I decided to talk about my posting schedule. I'll post it here first because I've got some vids prefilmed, like, 6 of them, so it'll be a while before I start adding this to my videos. But I'm going to upload every Tuesday and Friday from now on. I'm doing it backwards right now, but soon I'll start having Tag and Challenge Tuesdays, and Reviews and Rants Fridays. How's that sound? I've got a lot of vids filmed already, and I'm doing at least 1 more on Sat, so expect more soon! I also have two more that I didn't edit that I'll post soon. Remember, LA Knight or Ray was editing for me. I'll do the ones that need to be up soon--like wrap ups and #AYearAThon vids, or when I'm low on stuff. Ray takes a bit because she's creating my openings as she goes along. I can't wait to show you guys the others she's done!

I'll do my very best to not let this interfere with this blog. And in case you're wondering about writing, I kinda wanted a break after Warrior. My hands have been bugging me a lot recently too, not sure why. BUT I will continue to work on getting Warrior ready for review by agents and whatnot (I'm actually waiting on Ray to edit some things, but she's super busy right now. She's moving). And I'm going to continue writing other things. But with starting this channel, helping Ray move, taking an institute class, and other things going on I've ending up REALLY busy. Once Ray's back in her apartment and we got the hang of this editing-filming schedule down I can get back to writing. And once my hand's better.

Without any further ado, MY VIDEO! Please give it a thumbs up, comment on the page, and subscribe for more!

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