Friday, August 3, 2012

My Week! ~7/28 - 8/3~

Hey guys!

I had a pretty awesome week! It could've been more awesome if I had checked my email on Monday, but you'll see all about that below!

Here's some photo highlites!

We finally got Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! I've been dying to play this since four months before it came out!

This is a CD of a symphony orchestra doing different songs from the Zelda Series! Pretty awesome, I must say!

I am currently in LOVE with this music video! Ya'll seriously need to watch it, it's amazing!

A dove made a nest and laid eggs on my porch! Dumb bird, don't you know I have two cats???

So I won a contest to see Michelle Phan in Australia! But I didn't answer the email until the day after she had been in Australia.
Oh well, I don't even have a passport!
Just wish I could've gotten that awesome prize pack...

My brother playing Skyward Sword! He is so much better at it than I am!!

That was my week!
It had its ups and downs (that contest email was definitely a down), but I'm pretty happy about it!

How was yours?


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