Friday, August 10, 2012

My Week ~8/4 - 8/10~


Well, I've had an exciting week. Got a new cat, trying not to murder an old one (Mighty's taking his frustrations out on my poor right hand), stuff like that!

I wasn't able to do much, so there isn't so many pics, but you get to see Angel!

For some reason, Karl's cats use him like a climbing post! This one is Jake, and the black cat is Cosmic.

Mighty likes dirty clothes :)

This is Angel. She hid in my closet the first night she was here!

Now Angel comes out to love on me...

Or to just chill! ^^

Yeah, that was all cats...what can I say? My life's currently revolving around them! ^^

I should get a good pic tomorrow, though, as Ray's coming over!

How was your week? Full of cats/dogs/other animals too?


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