Friday, July 27, 2012

~My Week!~ 7/21-7/27

Hello again!
Sorry I haven't posted a new chap this week!! Maybe I can get 21 done after I post this!! *Keep fingers crossed*

Regardless, here's some pics about my week!

So, I don't have a shower cap, but I can make one!

Just take a clean plastic bag (one where you know what was in it), put over hair, use a stretchy headband to keep in place, and you're all set!
Yeah, it's ridiculous, but it works! ^^

My mom says I can't use this camera anymore...

But I can use this one! ^^

Came home from church to find a guest on my bed! <3

Yes, that's my chicken boy! He's terrified of the flash.

Me and Megan had a blast trying to get the camera to work while heading to Ray's to edit Obsidian. The sunset was beautiful and filled the whole sky! :)

So while editing with Ray, Karl brings home this, and that's when she got REALLY excited.
Glad to see I'm appreciated

This is Megan's cat, Cosmic Creepers. At least, that's part of his face! :)

Went to World Wide Sisterhood for my church. They had a clothing swap, and I got 2 skirts and a shirt, while Megan got the brown skirt on the left, two cute tops, and...

...and this dress! FOR FREE!! She's never had a nice formal dress, so this was a really nice opportunity for her to get one. (I broke the zipper, but whatevs! It still works, just doesn't have a handle)

Also got some makeup that the two of us needed desperately! And a mouse! No more glitching from my mousepad! ^^

That was my week!

Hope yours was just as fun!


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