Friday, July 13, 2012

My Week in Photos!

Hey everyone! It’s Friday!
Currently raining cats and dogs outside, but it's monsoon, so that's expected.
Anywho, here's pics from my week!


Beautiful view on our way back from the mall!

(This is from 7/4, I lost the pic, but decided to put it up on this one)

My view after a dinner with my daddy!

(Sorry, it’s my phone, so it kinda sucks, but it was really pretty. And the ground is bright green)

Megan, Me and Ray, editing!

Eve like’s Karl’s shoulder, when he comes in to give us some food!

Gorgeous sunset! Me and my parents watched it from the back wall

Heading out to pick up Ray so we can edit!

That was my week! Editing, writing, eating good food, seeing gorgeous views, watching cool shows, and having a blast while working!

How was yours?

1 comment:

  1. Mine was awesome cuz I got to spend time with YOU! =D