Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Week(s) in Photos! ~9/15-9/26~

Hey ya'll!!!

Wow, I sound so white! :3

Anywho...Happy Wednesday! ... Yeah, it's not Friday. I'm doing my blog because I'll be away from a comp on Friday, and won't be able to do this! So it's happening today! I'll cover last week up to today.

Look what was right outside my door! ^^
Happy Hobbit Day! Did you have a second breakfast or elevensies???
If any of you play Pottermore, and are dealing with the glitches while making the Swelling Solution, that ^ is what you want to do.
My daddy works WAY too hard! Those are 2 cans of Mountain Dew in front of him, and even they couldn't keep him awake!
This is SO how my friends greet me! (image from Bamboo Blade by Totsuka Masahiro)
After over a week, we FINALLY go together!
Ray/LA Knight and I worked hard on each other's books...
...When we weren't watching this! Very good movie, ya'll should definitely watch it!
Mighty chilling outside! He's much nicer (and thinner) now! <3
My new nail idea! The blue pinky represents anit-bullying/torture. The white are hearts!
That's all my pics! I'll upload pics of Utah and Nevada when I get back!
Have a great week!

1 comment:

  1. I'm starting to think it's a good idea I don't play Pottermore. I get so frustrated with games. Except Minesweeper and Diner Dash. Does that make me pathetic?

    Mighty is SO CUTE!!! It's like he was waiting for you and got too sleepy. Sleeeeeeeepy Mighty cat. Awww. And then he tries to look so bad-@$$ outside by the bricks. Cutie boy.

    My head looks big in that pic of the three of us. You and Megan look great, but my head looks huge for some reason.

    OMG The Darkest Hour was so cool. And sad. I hope they do a sequel. I'm glad that certain people made the survivor list. And I'm glad about Skyler and how things went for him. Very redeeming. (Trying to be mysterious so as not to give spoilers)

    We do work hard, don't we?

    And your nails are awesome. =D

    I WISH I could've had second breakfast AND elevenses on Hobbit Day instead of tomato soup! I'm so glad I can eat FOOD now!!!

    Love ya!