Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Trip Pics!

Hey, ya'll!

Okay, I have no idea why I always say ya'll. I mean, I'm from Southern Arizona, but barely anyone has an accent, except for the ranchers...


I recently got back from a family vacation! That's why my photo post was early, and this will cover this week, since nothing's happening until Saturday, after I'm supposed to post anyway. We traveled first to Las Vegas, then to Salt Lake City! We got lost on The Strip, visited the mountains for the Free National Park Weekend, saw Temple Square, fought and had a blast! So here's some pics (not all, I took over 500)
All of my bags! What can I say, "travel light" is a foreign language to me! :)
The Hoover Dam. It was so big, that one photo could barely fit everything. My mom got dizzy looking over the edge. Hard to believe that they did that without any safety! ><
My cousin Jens and his new wife Aprille! He's in traditional men's formal dress for Singapore, where Aprille's family's from. Congrat's you too!
The M&M's Store was AWESOME! After an hour of walking through drunken crowds and tourists, we can here. I absolutely loved it and got a bag of peanut M&M's which we snacked on for the rest of the trip!
We headed to Utah! We stopped in Cedar City, which was founded by my ancestor Henry Lunt! That's me, my mom and my Brother in front of his lifesize statue!
Then we drove the Alpin Loop and I saw REAL fall for the first time! That was awesome and will totally help my writing!
We came back through Park City, where I got this super cute Owl statue for so cheep! I loved that little store!
The day after that, we went to see the Conference Center, where Conference will be held this weekend...
...and Temple Square, where I saw the Salt Lake Temple!
Then we headed home, back to the desert!
I miss fall, since we came for 70 and 80 degree heat to 100! But I loved it!
What have you been up to?

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  1. So I ooh-ed and aahh-ed over the 500 pics cuz they're awesome, BUT!! I will make comments here, too.

    So I like the outfit your cousin is wearing. That is so sweet and romantic, that he's willing to incorporate Singapore stuff (Singaporian stuff?) into the wedding. And what a cool spelling for Aprille. But I love that sheer tunic he's wearing.

    The picture of the autumn trees is awesome. As is the M&M rainbow. I didn't know they came in that many colors! I want to go to the M&M place in Nevada, and the Hershey's place in New York, and back to the Coke-a-Cola Factory in Atlanta. Those places are so awesome.

    And I LOVE the owl statue. I felt so dumb I didn't notice it on your dresser until Megan pointed it out. It's soooooo cute. You've got such good taste.

    Onto Warrior! Yay! <3