Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I've Been Up To Lately

Hey ya'll!

Sorry for not doing this sooner! After my vacation--during which I worked every single day, and took over 500 pics--I kinda did nothing...

Anyway, I haven't been totally gone, since I've got a new 24 waiting for some LA Knight edits, as well as some new pics!

Here's what I've done lately!

I went to the theaters twice! Saw The Avengers, and then The Dark Knight Rises again with my girls!

I also saw Lindsey Stirling in concert! Didn't bring a camera - it was standing room only, and the concert was almost 3 hours. Didn't want extra weight if I could help it (and I just plumb forgot)

Waiting at the Docs office! Found out I'm at risk for heart attack and stroke solely due to genetics, but I'm on meds! Glad we caught it BEFORE the fact

This is our new cat, Angel. I'm not holding her. She just wants to smother me with her love!

Strider was sprawled on my floor, looking absolutely adorable! Had to snap a pic!

That's what I've been doing! What about ya'll?

Oh, and with a party, and my girls coming over, AND my brother's birthday, I'm gonna have another blog up, probably Saturday!



  1. hehehehe, im sorry. I gotta do this. But... DUCK FACE! :> You has a duck face in the first pic of you.

    1. What are you talking about? It's more a fishy-face.

  2. I wondered about the anime pic until I actually started reading your blog, lol. What's that from?

    I love The Avengers. And Dark Knight Rises. I actually like TA better as a whole, because there's more humor and I'm fonder of all the characters, but DKR is good, too. Esp. the END!!! OMG, I *adore* the end!!

    Lindsey Stirling rocks. Just saying. =)

    Angel and Strider are adorable, as well. Also just saying. And you don't have a duck face.

    Partaaaaaaaay at Shane's house!!! Wootness!!

    And now onto 25 of Warrior. =D