Friday, September 7, 2012

My Week 9/1 - 9/7

Hey ya'll!

I've had a pretty crazy week. I hope yours hasn't been too nuts!

Did some comics for LA Knight's Once Upon a Time. This is just a taste!
Ate way too much of this while driving home from my Grandparents'
But In-n-Out saved me from a tummy ache!
Finally got this! Vol 1's been so lonely for so long...
I smashed my hand while wearing this...couldn't use my hand for a day, and my ring's all bent! TT~TT
Finished I am Number Four. I'm torn. The present tense is annoying, but the story is just too good. I guess I need to buy this.
Took a look at Chanel's website (way too expensive), but I'm in love with these boots. If only they weren't worth more than my house, and made of lambskin...
Sat down to watch Tron, but this version from the library's scratched! *sniff*
That was my week! Ups and downs and lots of crazy!
How was yours???

1 comment:

  1. "Finally got this! Vol 1's been so lonely for so long..."

    I love those comics, btw. LOVE THEM!!! SO BAD!!!

    Awww, you had In-N-Out!! Yum!!

    Holy crow, your ring IS bent! Wow!

    I'll have to read I Am Number Four sometime, just to see how it is. Because I've read some beautiful present tense books before. Just beautiful. But it can be difficult to do well.

    I'd like to see Tron sometime, I think.