Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monthly Favorites ~September 2014~

Hey guys!

So I'm making a vow, and ya'll better hold me to it, that I'm gonna post SOMETHING next month, and not just reposting 1 thing randomly inbetween my monthly favorites. -_-'

BUT! Today's the last day of the month, in fact, the last hours of the month, so it's FAVORITES TIME!!!! Let's do this!


The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

This is what the movie from 2003 is based on. I loved the movie, so of course I was interested in reading the book, and BOY am I glad I did! It's quite good, though as an adult novel it's got some nudity and a rape scene. Check out my review HERE to see all my thoughts on it!


I recently started watching this season on Netflix, and it's AWESOME! Only on episode 6, but I really do like it!

Lab Rats

This is a comedy series that has really brightened my life while depressed or in a bad mood. It's funny, creative, and has a wonderful idea. I really like it for laughs and something fluffy. Even in situations that should dark it's hilarious!


Finally got to see this, and BOY it was worth the wait! So cute and well done, and I love how it set up the original!


Nancy Reads
Check out her channel HERE

I subscribed to Nancy Reads because she had a deep discussion without anger or prejudice about diversity in books. While her favorite type of books isn't mine, her discussions are very deep and fun to watch, as well as her other videos. She posted one video every day this month (except 1), which has only made me glad I subscribed!

Check out her channel HERE

Sasha is addicted to books, The Mortal Instruments, Jennifer L Armentrout, and Scotland. She's also hilarious, clever, smart, and fun to watch! I stumbled onto her channel like most booktubers I follow, and I'm glad I did. She's bright and full of energy while poking fun of herself and her fangirling.


Whose Line Is It Anyway was one of the funniest shows on TV in it's day, and moments like this make it the funniest I've ever seen. You've got to see this one, it's so well done!


Clinique's CC Cream

My mom accidentally got this in Very Light, which meant it made her look dead, but is a close match to me. When I first apply it, it looks like it's gonna slide right off my face, but after a minute or two it sets and looks GREAT. I really love it. But as an oily girl, I've GOT to set it or it does slide.

The Rocket Mascara by Maybelline

While I still love The Falsies, The Rocket is definitely a favorite! It's great at crazy length and volume, but it can get clumpy, and it's wet formula means getting it on my lids, upper or lower, is almost a given. I don't really like the brush, but I find myself grateful I got this. Just need to replace The Falsies, so I can go for drama, or DRAMA as I wish by bouncing between these two. :)



Boom Clap by Charlie XCX

While I'm still in love with Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, I think I listened to this more this month! I stumbled onto the music video while winding down for bed, and fell in love! I haven't and don't plan to see The Fault in Our Stars (I know, I'm weird, but it's too depressing!!!), but this song is making me rethink that...


La La Latch by Pentatonix

Number 2 is DEFINITELY this song! I saw the music video shortly after it premiered, and fell in love. It went live on Spotify, and I was hooked. Listening to it while I type!


Black Widow by Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora

This is kind of a strange choice for me, especially as the song curses, but I just mute it and enjoy the beat. I love the girl power behind it, and the video was pretty cool.

Those are my favorites this month!

What song do you have constant replay? Catching up on a show?
Let me know!

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  1. Let's see if I can comment on your monthly favorites before you ask me to! Ahahahaha!
    ...that's my nefarious scheme for the month, btw.

    I'm on page...150? of Bourne Identity. I think. But good to know you liked it. I'll almost definitely like it when I get to the end. :)

    I'm feeling pretty good about Once Upon a Time season 3, although I haven't started episode 5 yet. Someone told me about something that happens near the end of the season though, so I'm really worried.

    Monsters University is awesome! I can't wait to get my Oozma Kappa shirt!

    I'll have to check out this Nancy Reads person...

    Oh, abooktopia! I actually know about her! I've seen a few of her videos, she's funny. :)

    You know what makes that Whose Line skit perfect? The guy in the blue shirt is straight-faced THE WHOLE TIME!!!
    Also, I recognize that tune... (O.o)

    Do you set that sort of makeup with matte powder?

    Boom Clap...I feel like you played this for me but I forgot how it goes...
    And I don't think I know the other 2 songs...

    Catching up on Star Trek Voyager when I can (I'm on season 7, the last season, moving through it sloooooowly) and listening to Let It Go/Let Her Go.