Sunday, October 12, 2014

My MANY Weeks in Pics!


I feel dumb. You know why I feel dumb? Because I was having trouble with My Weeks/Week in Pics posts. Because I didn't have many pictures. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, "But I thought I took more pictures!" And yet, they weren't on my computer. So I forgot about it, and moved on.



Something exciting happened, and I had that camera on me, so I snapped a quick picture. Opened up my sd card that was in the camera, and lo! And behold! THERE THEY WERE. THIRTY FLIPPING PICTURES.




Okay, so enough ranting about how forgetful I am (because some of these date back to AUGUST), let's get to the VERY long post with all the pictures! :)

First of all, I won some stuff from THIS SITE THAT ROCKS!

I won some Mary Kay makeup, all in my favorite colors, green and purple! I wore the look in an upcoming video, so subscribe to my youtube channel to see it! :) 

I also got some lotions, body sprays, a body scrub, and a body wash! I shared among my mother and friends. We all love it!

And so stuff to make walking easier. I love them all! The heel protectors work and don't peel, and the gel insoles made my brown boots so comfy!!! :)

I also went SHOPPING! :)

First I either bought or was gifted this makeup! That's Maybelline's The Rocket (which ROCKS), Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade (LOVE), Clinque's CC Cream in Very Light (quite good), Clinique's mascara (haven't tried it), and two Rimmel eye liners, ScandalEyes in black and Special Eyes in Ivy (pretty good).

FINALLY got some good headphones with a mic, and some lotion.

Also hit up Hot Topic and go this on clearance for an upcoming video

And also saw these shoes! Aren't they amazing!?!

My cats have been cute too!

Mighty, patiently waiting (or not, he is kinda glaring) for me to move so he can get down from on top of the closet

And Strider cuddling me!!!

Reorganized my shelves, because I got a new bookcase!

here's all the books in my little brown bookcase on my messy floor

And a look at the space I made! :)

And here's what it looks like now! Notice the space? I'm gonna fill it tomorrow!!! :)

Random things:

Polished, a YouTube network, reblogged this photo from me! It was one of several. :)

I have over 60 subscribers on YouTube! When I reached 50, it blew my mind, but now it keeps climbing!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

And last thing


Ignore Karl, he was cleaning the gear shift because it was unreadable. BUT I'M NOT GONNA COMPLAIN BECAUSE IT WAS FREE! FREE.
No complaints from me at ALL! LA Knight's parents got a new car, gave the lightly used old one to LA Knight and Karl, and they gave me the old one! I've broken down crying more than once because I got a car for FREE. I owe nothing. I need to clean it, but I'm not complaining at all, because my friends and their family are amazing people and I'd still be the broke girl driving her feet without them!!!

So that was the past, like, 3 months. I'm SO SORRY for not posting this earlier! I'm a dunce who doesn't check her camera! ><

So, find something cool at a store? Win something? Or have amazing friends?
Let me know down below!!!


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