Friday, October 31, 2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! My Weeks in Pics ~10/12 - 10/31~


My fav holiday is here! But while the kiddos are running amok tonight, me and my girls celebrated last Saturday. And instead of doing a special Halloween post like last year, I'm gonna do a special VIDEO, so make sure your subscribed to my YouTube Channel to see it tonight at 7 PM PST!

Anywho, onto what I've done the rest of this month! (Told you I'd be better at doing these!)

I went shopping and picked up a few things. The only thing of note from one shopping trip is the adorable owl chapstick from Forever 21. Not the greatest chapstick, but IT'S SO CUTE! ><
And then I was watching ke-sha Forsaken's book haul where she hauled The Blood of Olympus, and I had to have it. Also had to junk food, because I have the self discipline of a squirrel when it comes to sweets.

I fangirled hard when I found out WhittyNovels was following me on Tumblr.

Halloween decorations started in my room at the beginning of the month, so I could film with it, as well as just look at it. Favorite month and holiday, of course my room is glowing with pumpkins, owls, and whatever else I found at Target. :)

Me and my girls celebrated Halloween already by eating enough junk food for an army (seriously, Ray bought a laundry basket FULL of food!!!!)
Megan was The Tardis from Dr. Who, Ray is dressed as Thea on her date with Loki from her fanfic Darkness There, and Nothing, and I was a knight. I had to pull everything together in less than a day because of a family emergency that had me in Phoenix for about a week.

Went shopping again, picked up some more makeup, as well as Taylor Swift's 1989, Target Deluxe Edition. IT'S AMAZING! I've listened to the whole album about 30 times already, and I picked it up THIS WEEK!

While getting my cd, I found these romance novels. They're so corny, I had to take a picture to chuckle at :D

Had to save this picture from Tumblr. It's a post about reading, and how we need to accept each other and stop judging what others read. Then LA Knight, Ray, reblogged it with those tags. HILARIOUS! :D

Now for my home Halloween decorations. There's a lot, and it took 3 days (mostly because I kept putting some of it off, lol)

This is what the front entryway looks like, just waiting for Trick or Treaters! I have to admit, I do more inside than outside, but that's cuz I don't want grabby little ones to steal the adorable stuffed animals! The hand made witch by my Aunt Jean is with the teddy bears on my dresser sitting in the hallway. My current one is barely functioning, so I needed a new one, this one was free, but I'm dying to fix it up to look cool. When that happens I'll let ya'll know because my room will look very different :)
The reason I have a grim reaper on the other little table that's always sat by the door, in this house and our previous one, is because it's too scary for little ones. More than one parent was holding a little boy or girl in tears when I put it up last, so for the past 2 or so years it's been on the table, so the bigger kids can see it, bu the little ones can't.
And then just some pumpkins my grandfather gave to me (randomly he came home with 7 of them for me!) as well as a few other things are right by the door.

I told you we're lacking in the outside decor! Our door's simple this year because a. can't use the door hanging we have and b. last time I used fake webbing it was full of ants! Had to toss it. So our big spider, my "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" hanging sign, and a witch picture are all I have to work with.
To light the path for the little ones I have some purple lights (I really need more, only got 1 box ><) as well as a pumpkin sign thingy that we were randomly gifted. And of course, our Trick or Treat giant bows are hanging form out lights outside, as well as our wooden bats are in our tree. I may put up the ghosty, but I haven't a clue where to put him...

Welp, that's it! I'm ready for tonight...mostly. We have a light up pumpkin by the door, but the lights went out, so I need to hit up Walmart down the road for more.

Oh, and if you saw that my car broke down, it was a loose hose. We just put it back on, filled up the radiator, and now it's fine! So I need to get dressed and head to Wallyworld.

Have a fun Halloween!

AND, for something spooky, I'll just post this video here, because it's my fav this time of year!

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