Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Monthly Favorites ~June 2014~

The month of June has passed, so you know what that means: FAVORITES TIME!!!

There are some clear winners here, so let's get started!


Divergent by Veronica Roth
So I finally picked this up (and I now own it!) and fell in love. Well, I fell in love with the movie, which is just like the book. Great book to movie adaptation!


City of Bones
This is another great book to movie adaptation. Okay, not great, more like really well done. There's 1 scene that bugs me, when they freeze the demons they just move past them, instead of killing them, which would've saved lives. -_-'


Sherlock Season Three
So I finally saw the final episode this month, and got my girls to see it too! It's so amazing! Can't wait for season four!!!


Always #LikeAGirl by Always
This video challenges the insult "like a girl." That's insulting to every girl and woman on the planet. I love Always decided to challenge that. Although it's not the first time I heard that, Disney channel did it about 10 years ago with an original movie of theirs.

Not Sorry #ShineStrong by Pantene
Another video that went viral the week before #LikeAGril, this video points out a universal truth that's held women back in a lot of ways. Women are very good at apologizing for nothing, usually for just being there. Which makes no sense. I've heard it over and over again, that women are holding themselves back from promotions, raises and other things they need because of this random habit of apologizing. I've told my friends, and been told before to not apologize when there's nothing to apologize for.

Both of these videos should be viewed by men and women alike, especially the first one.


I've got three of them, so here we go!

ke-sha Forsaken
Ke-sha is one of the moderators for #AYearAThon, and since I posted my first video she's been watching my channel. We have very different tastes in books, which I think only adds variety to BookTube. She's funny, honest, totally herself on camera. I really enjoying watching her, so ya'll should subscribe! And I totally consider her my first YouTube friend!

ElizzieBooks runs BookTube News, a helpful weekly series about the new things on YouTube, and a blog on tumblr! I've been featured on her tumblr quite a few times myself, and have found more than 1 awesome video or BookTuber thanks to that awesome series. I especially love how all her videos end: "Remember to Keep Reading."


Whitney is a 16 year old from Texas whose YouTube channel has just exploded. When I subscribed she had about 3000 followers, which has grown to about 12,000! And for a good reason - she's hilarious and fun to watch! She's so smart and reads whatever she feels like, not just because it's popular (although that too). Obsessed with Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (the author actually knows her, she's that obsessed), she started vlogging about books shortly after she discovered just how awesome they really are. A great person to watch, and I suggest you follow her tumblr, if only for her random pictures of her freaking out in bookstores. :D


Katy Perry - Prism (album)
(In Particular) By The Grace of God
The last week of June I just fell in love with this album. I just decided I wanted to hear all of it, and while I don't listen to all of it, on my Spotify playlist you can see what tracks from the album (it's most of it) I love. My favorite is definitely By The Grace of God. Such a beautiful song!

Timeflies ft. Katie Sky - Monsters
This song is incredibly personal to me, as it represents how I feel with my depression and anxiety are at their worst. I think I hate everyone and can't trust anyone. I feel unworthy of love. But I have people in my life, one person in particular, who are just like Katie Sky's part in the song, telling me that they know it's the depression and anxiety, not me. That it's okay and they'll help me battle my demons, my monsters, and refuse to let them win. This battle is very real, and hits me every few days. And I'm not the only one. Lots of my friends deal with this issue. I hope that I'm someone they can count on too.

Pentatonix - Love Again
This song is AMAZING! And as you can see from the picture, so is the video! But since my computer is used and sometimes barely works, I listen mostly on Spotify, where it's been on repeat all month! I can't help, no matter what, to stop and just rock out. Very helpful when Movie Maker keeps freezing (like it has today -_-+ ).

That's my June favorites! Have you discovered a song you can't get out of your head, or a new friend?


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  1. Divergent stunned me with how good it was. The writing is kind of spare, which threw me at first, and it took me several tries to get into it, but once I did, I was IN, you know what I mean? She's amazing.

    Ugh...the guy who plays Jace is ugly...

    OMG SHERLOCK WAS AWESOME!!! Even tho I figured the spoiler from the last like, 10 seconds, it was still awesome! AND!!! John and Mary? I was so pleased with how that turned out because usually it wouldn't have worked that way in fiction which would've bugged the s*** out of me!

    You know, you and I were raised very differently. Because what I was taught "run like a girl" means is, punch out the enemy and then run as fast as you can and don't look back. Hitting like a girl meant going for the balls. Throwing like a girl meant throwing underhanded (which is how they pitch in softball). "Like a girl" has never been an issue for me. Huh. Just like "girls can't do whatever." Never had that problem. My only issue was "you can't do what this person did because they're white/Hispanic/black/whatever and you're not." But that didn't last long since my parents made a concentrated effort to curb those ideas.

    Ke-sha's nice! :D

    I should check out this Lizzie person.

    Actually, I think you told me about WhittyNovels knowing Tahereh Mafi!

    I love you, btw. Just saying. Randomly. Here's a love-cake! *hands over imaginary cake*

    My aol is acting up randomly...

    Gotta check out this Pentatonix song. Is it original or a cover or a medley or what?

    I have a song in my head. Little Bat-Peep. :D