Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Week(s) in Pics ~6/30 - 7/21~

Hey Guys!

OMG it's been CRAZY! NEVER doing two read-a-thons back to back again! BookTube-A-Thon almost killed me! Friday I had several mental breakdowns and ended up just crying and trying to not punch people!

BUT I have pictures! I did take quite a few, so here they are!

Yeah I get this.

Soo, before the read-a-thon's got started I had to wake up early...and my alarm clock went off at about 3 times it's normal volume. And if you didn't know, I tend to dream about fighting and having to fight for my life. So that's what I was dreaming about when a rock song came on at 3x's the sound level. I fell out of bed. I'm not sure how, only that I found myself on the floor with this righteous bruise forming. I still have it. TWENTY DAYS LATER!!!! And this pic does NOT do it justice, it was all tie-dye and every few hours the colors would change. Now it's barely there but I can still feel it. o.o'

I kept my strength up during the read-a-thons by eating healthy! And this cookie cereal from Kroger (Fry's here) is actually not bad for you! Maybe it is if you eat as much of it as I have, but still. Yummy yummy deliciousness!

So on Pinterest I have reach over 400 followers! WOW! To all, seriously thank you! I'm glad you like all my randomness!!!

The same day I also got up and headed out with Ray to see Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier! I really loved it, and now LA is (of course) making a new fanfic separate from Darkness There and Nothing/Edge of Darkest Devotion. It's really good, at least the first chapter is, so I suggest you head over to her fanfiction page and check it out!

This is the most unflattering thumbnail my computer could have possibly created. Wow. Thank you, computer.

So yesterday I realized that my BookTube-A-Thon Wrap Up was nothing but blurry, so I had to refilm it. Then I decided to film several other things. This was the makeup look I did for the last video. Crazy and a little out there, I'd never wear this out (unless it was a great party or something). Any ideas on what it was I filmed? HINT: I read it during BookTube-A-Thon!

So that was what I've been up to! Make sure to check out my YouTube page for a run-down of all my vids I filmed, edited, and posted in the middle of these read-a-thons. Thanks for the support!

Also, my Wrap Up will be going up later today, so be subscribed to see it when it's live at 7 PM PST!

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  1. Is that Ryan Reynolds sleeping with a cake for a pillow?

    Poor Lorien! I remember when I had that black bruise from falling into the jacuzzi...it didn't go away very quickly either. I didn't know it was still there, tho!

    I'm glad you found healthy cereal. :)

    I think we've established you have more followers than me, lol.

    Oh, wow you mentioned my fic. Yay! I haven't posted it YET but it's going up today.
    And the movie was AWESOME!!!

    Actually you look like you're pulling a silly face on purpose in that thumbnail, lol.

    OOOH! Eye-makeup guess - Smoke and Bone?!?!

    So tired/dopey...blech...