Friday, December 28, 2012

My Week ~12/21 - 12/27~

Hey ya'll!!


I hope ya'll had a great week, what with Christmas, and New Years right around the corner!

I got plenty of pictures (partially because I forgot about four pics from last week, o.o')

While at the Mesa Temple last week, I rocked a new hair and makeup style! Not the most flattering pic...
I went for comfort and style! Though I forgot my jacket...o.o'
I also went to the movies with LA Knight, IK Scott, and LA's mom! I was going for simple chic!
Christmas Eve! I dressed up with my flattering pants, emerald sweater, and slippers! Angel decided that she couldn't leave me alone, not even for a picture! Silly woosle :)
I was spoiled by my bro and LA and her family! Three books I LOVE, a mixed CD, and $60 bucks for Target from my bro...
...which I spent on makeup!!! Of course! And Taylor Swift's Red, which I had to order online
I'm so grateful for my wonderful family and friends! I hope your Christmas was spent like mine was, lots of sitting and talking and just enjoying each other's company!
Have a great week, and Happy New Year! Don't hit the booze too much!

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  1. Lol, forgot pictures on your phone. Altho those pictures of you with the white outfit are really nice. And your hair looks good. It's pretty. And those pictures ARE flattering! >.< You look beautiful!

    Ahhhh, movies. Rise of the Guardians was great. I recommended it to some girls in my ward, and one of them was all, "But Santa Claus is RUSSIAN!!!" I was like, "But he's soooo epic." And I was right - he was hot when he was young. There's a picture of him in the books because he's only, like, 25 in the books instead of immortal and 60-something.

    Beautiful books... my sister totally didn't believe me when I was like, "Lorien will LOVE Twilight's Dawn." She was like, "Are you SURE? Or are you just asking for this so YOU can read it later?"

    Yay, makeup and Taylor Swift! 'Cause David would have NO idea what makeup to get you, lol.

    OMG, "don't hit the booze?" I knew I shouldn't have drunk all that Pepsi. Rats.