Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Week(s) in Photos!

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I know, I'm not posting a lot, but both me and LA Knight have been sick. And I haven't done much that required photos...until this week.

Soo, here's what I've been up to that I can photograph!

Even the Grumpmister can be cute, once in a rare while! I loves Mighty anyway!
This is my I-wanna-be-cozy-and-yet-still-chic outfit! <3
You know that Camo jacket that I'm in love with? Went patch shopping with my daddy to spice it up and still honor my daddy's military service. He was in the navy in Vietnam from 1970-1973. Two tours.
You can check out my word to those in the military here:
Angel was super comfy during the LDS First Presidency Broadcast. First she was all over Daddy...
...then she wouldn' leave Mommy and Me alone! She is very loved! :3
I was getting my Pikachu on! (ignore the circle, I was just doodling)
I'm obsessed with this novel! This is the latest installment of the Sevenwaters Series, my favorite girl-power novels!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! All my gifts are in here...well, almost all of them. Still have a few in the works!
So how's you past few weeks been! I hope nobody's been too sick! XP
I hope you've been super cheap on your gifts and have taken the time to just chill!

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  1. Mighty and Angel are SO cute! And Mighty is SO FLUFFY!!! He's so fluffy I'm gonna die! And yeah, Angel looks comfy in those pics.

    I have to finish book 3 of Sevenwaters, gah! Actually, i need to reread Son of the Shadows.

    Your outfit is tres chic, btw! And why are you getting your Pikachu on? That just sounds weird, lol. And cute. And you did a GREAT job, too!

    Yay, patches!

    I wanna know what my gift is, eek! So excited!!