Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year, ya'll!!!

Or at least, it will be the new year tomorrow. I can't believe it's the last day of 2012. Seems like just yesterday that it was turning 2000! Oh man, I'm old!

So, as I look back at this year, and all the struggles I've overcome, and how I've established myself online, I'm gonna show you some of my favorites of the year!

Of course, I have to start it off with this! My fav is...

It really was my fav. I mean, I read it a bazillion times, and enjoyed it (almost) every time! Yes, at the end there, just before it was published, I was going a little Glass-stir-crazy! But I've read it twice since, just because!
And if you're still not satisfied, my other I-didn't-edit-this-and-don't-know-the-author-personally book would have to be
Flame of Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier. Seriously, I love this author! Every book of hers I've picked up, I've loved. Which isn't all of them, but the Sevenwaters Series was my first girl power books, and I just adore them. They've never disappointed, except for Child of the Prophecy, a little. But you should definately pick this series up!
Going on from book, and closely related would be movies! Once again, I have two I have to mention, though my first is my first.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
This did not disappoint, not at all! Absolutely loved it! I can understand why the critics gave it a mediocre rating, because no, it's not super-duper epic, but I loved it! Sure, there's way more humor, but this is a kids book! They have to add in all sorts of stuff, and since it's Peter, Fran and Phillipa, and I can't wait for the next one, The Desolation of Smaug!
Right underneath that is The Dark Knight Rises
I think it's bloody brilliant! lol, been watching too much Harry Potter! Anywho, it's a great movie! Totally made me forget common Batman lore, it just drew me in so and had me buying the plot. I just adore this movie, and I can't wait to steal my brother's copy for some late night viewing some time!
TV Shows
Now onto TV Shows. Yes, yet again, I have two. I just couldn't decide!
Arrow is basically the grown-up version of Green Arrow. He's way darker, younger, and hotter! I just love this show! I'm behind right now, but Saturday, me, LA Knight, and IK Scott are gonna catch up on our eyecandy! ;)
Tying with Arrow is Tron: Uprising
This is inbetween the two movies, starring the movie's cast, and with Elijah Wood as Beck, the original main character. Boy, oh boy, this show is not for the lazy viewer, nor the goofy lovers! Premise of the series: Beck and his friends are playing a game, when thousands of soldiers arrive and take over the city. Their first act: destroy the park they were playing in to put up a really stupid statue of Clu. When Body, Beck's best friend, stands up to the guard they derez, or kill him. Beck's determined to take a stand and end the constant removal of rights, executions. Very well done, but you have to see if from the beginning.
These two tied, because they're both so similar, and yet so very different!
Now, I have a whole playlist on Spotify with my top 20 songs for the year. But one wasn't on there, because Spotify doesn't have the rights to the song.
I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
It just spoke to me, and reminded me so much of my last relationship. I always head bang to this (yes, to THIS) and it just is so true. But the rest of my songs are as follows:
2. I Love You - 2NE1
3. Moontrance - Lindsey Stirling
4. Part of Me - Katy Perry
5. Iris - Leona Lewis
6. Lord of the Rings - The Piano Guys
7. Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys
8. Diamonds - Rhianna
9. People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson
10. Wide Awake - Katy Perry
11. Make It in America - Victorious Cast
12. We are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
13. Gangnam Style - Psy
14. Arwen's Vigil - The Piano Guys
15. I Will Rise - Alex Boye ft. LDC
16. Starships - Megan Nicole and Lindsey Stirling
17. Blank Page - Christina Aguilera
18. Hurt - Leona Lewis
19. A New Way to Bleed (Photek Remix) - Evanescence
20. Monster - BIGBANG
Honorable Mentions:
Warrior (Clean Version) - Ke$ha
Burn it Down - Linkin Park
You can see the playlist, minus the Ke$ha song and I Knew You Were Trouble on my facebook page, it's a highlight from Dec 5.
There has been a ton of games in the past couple of years that I've loved, but the one that I was so looking forward to, and enjoy playing the most from this year has to be
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Not only is this an awesome game with a brand new take on Link I've never, EVER heard of before (a pushover. Seriously, Link's a PUSHOVER! So different, I love it!), but it also comes with a SOUNDTRACK! Many a scene has been edited, written, and planned out to that music! Hands down, my fav!
Makeup Brand and Guru
I've only gotten into makeup recently, and that's due to Promise Phan, Michelle Phan, and many other great Youtubers! So I have to add in the brand that I've loved, as well as the guru that I love the most.
First is brand, and that is
They've always lived up to expectations, and I keep finding myself going back to them. And, they're the most highly recommended.
Now for guru...Oh man, this is hard! I can't decide on 1, I'm going with 3!
Promise Phan
First Promise was the first Guru I found! Her transformations are AMAZING! She's so sweet, and can do the most amazing things with makeup, even just the cheap halloween makeup for $3! So awesome!
Michelle Phan
Then Michelle was the first one that I tried out her look! It was her Avatar Inspired look, which I loved on me! (View that vid here: Her vids are just so good, though the makeup looks have mostly been for her Glam Bag from Ipsy, which I don't subscribe to. But she's promised a comeback for all kinds of makeup looks, as well as her continued fashion advice, and other beauty knowledge!
Last but definately not the least is Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi! She has the same skin type as me, so her buying advice works better for me, at least so far! And she's so cute and funny and upbeat, I just can't get enough of her! I love this girl!
Wow, they're all so different, but they definately make my list!
Hair Care Line
I've been bouncing around hair care lines for YEARS, since I just always have trouble. But one line seems to be cheap enough, easy enough to find, and has enough variety for me to keep coming back. And I've gotten some advice to stay with this product line:
I just can't stay away from this stuff! They've gone hypoallergenic, they have a professionals line, and they keep making must-have lists all over the web! I had to add them in!
Fashion Trend
This year was full of trends, from the peplum to the return of bold lips and eyes! But the one trend I love the most and will continue to rock for a long while is
Military! I just love this so much! I love hunter/olive/military green, it's my fav color ever, I like the look of a military jacket, and camo I've always been a fan off. Also always wanted some combat boots, which I now have for kinda cheap, thanks to this trend! I also got a camo jacket, which I'm gonna stud up and cover in patches honoring my father's military service in Vietnam from 1970-1973. Still don't have everything for it yet, but expect pics to come of me rocking that for a while!
Whoo! What a crazy year this has been! I helped publish a book, am getting close to finishing mine, become a fashionista, and have lots of plans for this coming year! I hope ya'll have a safe New Year's Eve, and don't drink and drive!
And I hope you have a great 2013!

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  1. Now that I have the first 3 sevenwaters books, I'm gonna reread Daughter of the Forest and Son of the Shadows and then FINALLY read Child of the Prophecy! =) And then go on to the other 3.

    Golly, the actor who plays Bilbo looks NOTHING like himself with the Hobbit wig. He's actually kinda hot. He's not hot in Sherlock.

    Hobbits shouldn't be hot. They're short. *sigh*

    OMG Oliver Queen! HAWTNESS!!!!
    "He's way darker, younger, and hotter!"
    I'll say!! *fans self* And that picture of him is... yum.

    I love that you headbang to "I Knew You Were Trouble." That's awesome.

    On your song list, I *LOVE* #2-6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16! EEP! I need to listen to the clean version of Ke$ha's "Warrior," don't I?

    Gotta admit, the cover art for Skyward Sword is nice. Link looks fairly epic.

    I like both Promise and Michelle (and Ingrid's cute).

    Suave is my friend. =D

    As for fashion for me, I've discovered a new love of layered clothes - t-shirt over longsleeve. It's more comfortable than I thought.